Thursday, April 29

So Sad ........

Tonight I'm in mourning ........

For my beautiful sunglasses (The photo really doesn't do them justice). It sounds so stupid but I love these glasses. The fit, colour and style are all perfect, they are going to be sadly missed. Being a person that cant even go to the corner shop without my sunglasses I hope that I will be able to find a fabulous new pair.

Friday, April 23



Thanks to everyone who entered and everyone's lovely comments.

Saturday, April 17

New Supplies

So yesterday I blogged about the wall at The Purl in New York, well today I had a fantastic trip to spotlight and got these get supplies for the project. Along with some fabric from my stash I think I will have some really beautiful fabrics for my wall.

One Amazing Year

One year ago today I started my shop on Etsy and Imagination In Flight was born, it's been a really amazing ride. I would have never thought a year ago that Imagination In Flight would have gone in the direction it has, let alone being on twitter and writing my own blog. While I still find etsy very overwhelming, finding Madeit has been a real blessing. The wonderful community of fellow crafters of Madeit with their support, advice and friendship have really helped along the way. I also have to thank all my fantastic customers for their support over the year. It always gives me such joy to check my emails and find I have made a sale.

To celebrate Imagination In Flight's first birthday we will be having a giveaway and a sale.

To celebrate we will be giving away one of my new Mini Floral Bunting, 1 Multi Purple and Cream Crochet Headband, and you choice of 1 Personalized Pencil Roll. With the pencil roll you can choose between either Purple Floral & Denim, Japanese Writing & Denim, and Denim on Denim.

Ok so here's how its going to work.

You need to be a follower of the blog. If you are not already a follower of the blog, click on the follow button to the right.
Leave a comment below to enter the giveaway.
If you tweet about this giveaway, or mention on your blog about this giveaway you will receive an extra entry (you will need to leave a comment if you do either of these so that I can keep track of all the entries).
You will also receive an extra entry if you order something from either my Etsy or Madeit shops.

 The giveaway winner will be randomly picked on the night of Friday the 23rd of April 2010.

Starting tomorrow (Saturday the 17th April) morning until Friday the 23rd of April there will be 15% off in both my Madeit and Etsy shops. Also stay watching on twitter and this blog for codewords for bigger savings.

Its been a wonderful year and I hope that it just keeps on growing from here. Thanks all.

Thursday, April 15

So Beautiful

I have a huge big bare wall in my lounge room and I have been trying to come up with something great to put up. After tossing around a couple of ideas I spotted this pic and I fell in love.

Photo from the shop The Purl in New York

With a trip to spotlight around the corner I see lots of hoops in my future. I will post pics.

The Circle Of Friends Award

The wonderful Michelle from Michelle's Art and Photography awarded me The Circle of Friends Award.

Now I have to share 5 things that I love and then pass on this award to 5 fellow bloggers.

1  My Son; Even while driving my crazy sometimes he is really a lot of fun.
2  New Zealand; While not the country of my birth it is the where my father was born and all of his side of the family live there. I love going over there for a holiday and would love to move there for a couple of years. 
3  White Chocolate; I know that people dont think its really chocolate but I really dont care, I love it.
4  My Collection of Art; Over the last couple of years I have really gathered together a really great collection of Art. It brings me a lot of joy (This is the collection I have above my desk).
5  Shopping; OMG yay. Whether online or in person it doesn't matter its so much fun. Oh and I also love when my son carries all my bags while shopping.

Ok so the 5 bloggers I pass this on to are,
Bianca from BiancaJaeMakesStuff
Rachael from ChallenCharms
Narelle from  Ruby Victoria Printmaking and Letterpress
The sisters from Sweet William
Nerys from Crafty Jemima