Tuesday, September 28

Facebook or Not to Facebook

That is the question. I've had a facebook page for a while but I have never really put it to much use. There are a couple of reasons for this but the main reasons are its another thing that I have to keep track of and work on, that and I just don't really like facebook personally. I keep feeling like it might be a good idea to start doing more with it but I just don't know if it's worth the time.

So this where I need your help. I would love you all to leave a comment letting me know if you think facebook really works and is it worth the time you put into it.

For every person that leaves a comment they will go in the draw to win a $25 gift voucher to my shop & Free postage. This is open to anyone from anywhere

The winner could use the gift voucher to pick out something for themselves, start their Christmas shopping or choose something for a loved one. 

The winner will be randomly drawn on Sunday the 3rd of October, 2010.

Sunday, September 26

Twitter Giveaway

I'm having a very quick twitter giveaway.

Details below.

1. Go to my blog
2. Follow the blog if you don't already
3. Tweet your favourite blog post for the last month and @ImaginationShop

Tomorrow Morning all people that tweet could win your choice (1) of  a non-personalized pencil roll from my @Madeit Shop

Growing Up

My Boy is growing up, very soon (4 months) he will be starting high school, he is also getting a lot taller lately. Back when Dion was 4 in our itty bitty house in his itty bitty room there was just no room to store all of his toys, his bed and have room to play. So what to do, well I decided to buy him a loft bed. The same as the one below but in silver.
(Pic from here)
So whats the problem, well my big boy can no longer sit comfortably in his bed because his head hits the ceiling. I've been aware of this problem for a while now but the kid just didn't like any idea that I had some up with until now. For a while now I have been on the hunt for a new bed for me and I've finally found the one that I'm going to get but that's another story. But that does leave my current bed free. After mulling it over I thought that it could work for Dion and finally it was an idea that he agreed with.

Paint pic from here, Bed pic from here and Sheet pic from here
(NOTE: This is not my bed but the closest to mine without me having to take a pic)

 The bed above it almost an identical match to mine, to make it more Dion's style he wants to paint it Naval Gray and get new T-Shirt sheets (they are the most amazingly comfortable sheets in the world) in gray tones.

With a change in bed its a good time to update his whole room just in time for high school.

Pics from here, here, here, here, here and here

 With getting rid of the loft bed means that we will have to get rid of the cupboards underneath so we are going to get a couple of the storage tubs for under the bed in pic 1. Also Dion has never had a bedside table with the loft bed so to cover that need and a place for him to store his clothes we have picked out the chest of draws in pic 5. With all those big blank walls we now needed to find something to fit the big back wall, Dion has a couple of thing he's passionate about one of them being New Zealand, so off I trawled to find some great NZ wall art, thanks to one of my twitter friends we found this fantastic huge silver fern in pic 2. So with all of this and new lamp (pic 3), new chair (pic 6) and a lovely shaggy rug (pic 4) its going to look so great that I think I might just move in, hahahaha.  

With any luck in next couple of months we will be able to pull this all together and I will be able to give you all a peek. 

Friday, September 24

All Cut Out

So last night it finally happened.......... I finally finished cutting out the 1100 squares for my quilt.

The great wall of squares

I have started working out the layout with the help of the little man.

So loving having him home. I'm definitely not a mum who cant wait for the holidays to end.

Thursday, September 23

Bernat Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along

(Pic from here)       

I don't know how this happened but some how I missed the announcement about the Bernat Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along. Luckily enough I didn't miss the 1st clue. You too can join in the Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along too. Check out the announcement where it has all the details on yarn and hooks. Then head over and download the 1st clue so you too can have a afghan finished by Christmas. They say that the patterns will be beginner to easy level so if you have a little bit of crochet experience join in.

(Pic from here)
So after printing out the 1st clue I rummaged through all my yarn but I don't have enough of the right type of yarn for this project so I will have pics of my first squares with next weeks post. 

Will you be Crochet-Along? 

Wednesday, September 22

A Change of Face

I have had this chest of draws knocking around my home for the last at least 8 years but I have never been happy with them. They started off being plain wood which I dont like so I decided to paint them but the colour was just not right either. So for over a year or more they have been moved from room to room until we could find the time to once again make them over. So with this being the holidays for getting things finished and fixed up we picked up the supplies.

Here is the little man sanding away.

I think that this time we might have got it right.

We are going to be painting it in a colour called Preschool Half. Which gave us both a chuckle considering what I'm studying at the moment. We are also going to change the draw pulls to these beautiful brushed silver mushroom ones.

I will post pics once the chest of draws has been painted.

New Buttons + More

Tonight I have added a couple of new buttons to the side bar on the blog. One for Artfire and one for Felt. I've had a shop on Artfire for a while now but I have never made very good use of it. So I'll be updating this shop in the next couple of days. Felt is a New Zealand-based online marketplace for handmade goods which I have just signed up for. I will be listing goodies over there also in the next couple of days.

So stay tuned.

Monday, September 20


And the winner is .................. Moags and Smeet

Congrats on the win 

Friday, September 17

What I'm up to......

What a crazy couple of weeks its been for us. With the end of term at TAFE I was like a mad woman trying to catch up on all the assignments that I had missed during to the term due to being sick a couple of times during the term. I managed to get them all finished which was a miracle in it self as I got sick again and was running a temp for the last week. but that is all over now, time for relaxing and creating.
Yesterday after my last class of the term we headed of to Lincraft to pick up supplies for the holidays. Over the last month I have been gathering together a nice stash of chenille for a rag quilt. So yesterday I picked up some cute flannel fabric for the back and some bamboo batting. With any luck by the end of the holidays I will have a beautiful single bed size rag quilt.

I have slowly been cutting out the chenille in between assignments, I found it really relaxing.

So stay tuned for updates as the quilt starts to grow.


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Saturday, September 11


Last night I noticed that we are now at 100 followers so I thought what better time than to have a giveaway. You all have been so wonderful with your comments and support, so thank you.

This time we will be giving away one of our new brooches.

If you just cant wait and want one now they are available in my Madeit Shop

The photos really dont do this brooch justice. The yarn used to make this flower has a really pretty, this pastel colours have a little sparkle to them. My mum bought one of these from me last time she visited.

Ok so here are the rules.

  1. You must be a follower of the blog, If you aren't them just click on the follow button on the right.

  2. Leave a comment below to enter.

  3. If you tweet about this giveaway then you get an extra entry. Please leave a comment here to let me know you have so that I can keep track.

  4. This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere.

  5. The giveaway will be randomly drawn on the 20th September
Thanks All and goodluck

Sunday, September 5

New Cushions

I finally got some good light and my batteries didn't die this time so I was able to take some pics of these great cushions.

Link                                              Link

They have both been listed on my Madeit Shop tonight, so stop by and check them out.

Friday, September 3

On Days like these......

There are days when the only place I would like to be is here,

In the middle on nowhere, with a great view, with Internet, cable TV, nobody knows my phone number and some great projects to work on. Just me and my son. Well I will just have to keep dreaming.......