Saturday, December 19

On the fourth day of Christmas.......

My Potato Salad Recipe

Many have asked for this recipe and many have failed but as my family dont read my blog I am now going to share it with you all.

150g of Diced Bacon
4 large Potatoes
2 large Capsicums
2 large Onions
1 small jar of Mayonnaise (It works better if you dont use whole egg mayo)

  1. Dice potatoes into large chunks, leaving the skins on. Boil until just soft.
  2. Dice the onions, and cut the capsicum into strips.
  3. In a frying pan sweat down the onions and capsicum, in another frying pan fry the bacon until crispy.
  4. Combine the potatoes, onions, capsicum and bacon in a bowl while everything is still hot.
  5. Spoon over mayo 1 table spoon at a time, making sure to mix it in after every spoon full. You only want to add enough to just coat the ingredients.
Then enjoy. It tastes fantastic either hot or cold.

Thursday, December 17

On the third day of Christmas.......

Little Tinsel Christmas Trees

A couple of years ago we made these decorations for Christmas. These cute little trees are really easy to make and take no time at all.

You will need the following to make 1 tree.............

One and half green tinsel pipe cleaners
One red pipe cleaner
Approximately 12 different sizes beads with large holes

  1. With a green pipe cleaner make a triangle that is larger on two sides. To join the ends twist the ends around each other, then wind them down the sides of the triangle. The great thing about pipe cleaners is that you dont have to worry about being really neat and they still turn out great.

  2. Cut the green half a pipe cleaner in half. Bend it into a U shape and attach it to the bottom of the triangle the same way that you joined the triangle together. With the second piece attach it to the top of the triangle then bend it to make a hook.

  3. With the red pipe cleaner, attach it to the inside of a bottom corner. Slide on approximately 5 beads, bend a section of the pipe cleaner into a wavy line. Then attach the pipe cleaner to the other side of the triangle approximately 1/3 of the way up by winding the pipe cleaner around the triangle. Make sure to space out the beads.

  4. Slide approximately 4 more beads onto the end of the red pipe cleaner and repeat the same process as the last step but this time attach the red pipe cleaner approximately half way up the other side of the triangle.

  5. Side approximately 2-3 more beads onto the end of the red pipe cleaner and repeat the precess again this time attach the pipe cleaner to the approximately 1/3 of the way down from of the top of the other side of the triangle.

And you are finished...................

AND THE WINNER IS.............

Sheena from BUBBAMIA

This time we decided to do things a little different, as Dion wanted to draw the giveaway.

Here are everyone's entries ready to be placed in the hat to be drawn.

And the winner is...............

Sheena from BUBBAMIA

Thanks for everyone for entering.

Wednesday, December 16

On the second day of Christmas.......

Felt Garlands

My son Dion has been a busy little elf the last week making beautiful felt garlands for our living room.

(Please ignore the badly hung pictures, on the list of thing to fix in the house, lol)

These are really easy to make and really help make the room look festive. Simply cut out approx half a metre of both red and green felt of circles, we used a template cut out of foam core board (but I have now found out that you can get a very large punch that will cut these out) that is about 6cm across. Once you have cut out the circles you can start sewing them together. Start sewing the first circle when you are coming close to the end, line up the second circle but make sure that you let the sewing machine run a couple of stitches before it starts sewing the second circle. Then repeat till the end of your circles. You can sew on ribbons to the end so that you can tie them up but we did not do this due to the way that we were going to hang them.

Monday, December 14

On the first day of Christmas.......

Present Wrapping

As we have got closer to Christmas day I have started making the wrapping for our Christmas presents. This year to keep in line with our handmade Christmas pledge I have been making our wrapping out of left over Christmas fabric.   

Paired with the fabulous handmade gift tags is little felt Christmas trees made by me. These little Christmas trees are very easy to make. Simply cut out two Christmas tree shapes and sew together with contrasting thread, as you are sewing around slip in a loop of ribbon and sew through this as well. This can be done with any Christmas shape and make a lovely addition to any present.



Blog News....................

We have extended our blog giveaway to the morning of the 16th of December so leave your comment to be in the running.

Friday, December 11

Giveaway Extension

Dion and I have decided to extend the end date of the Big Christmas Giveaway. The new end date is now the morning of the 16th December. All the same rules apply as before. So get in now to win.

Friday, November 27


It's time for our big Christmas Giveaway, and this time my son Dion & I have teamed up to bring you our biggest giveaway ever.

You can win.....

1 Bright flower design Notebook
1 Christmas Owl
1 Set of Snowman Hair Buttons
1 Pair of Japanese fabric button Earrings

Ok here is how it is going to work....

  1.  Follow either my blog or Dion's Button Blog. Leave a comment to say that you are now following. 1 entry.

  2. Leave a comment on either my blog or on Dion's Button Blog please make sure to also leave a way of contacting you should you win, eg, blog, email, store. 1 entry.

  3. To earn 5 extra entries make a purchase from my Etsy Store or My Madeit Store or Dion's Buttons Madeit Store. 5 entries.

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on the morning of the 11th December on both my blog and on Dion's.


Blog News......

To celebrate Christmas we have changed our blog template to a more Christmasy theme.

I have been very bad the last 2 weeks and have not been able to bring you a Weekly Handmade Christmas Update due to a large amount of orders and illness. This weekend they will return.

I also hope to bring you another part of the Tree Skirt tutorial this week coming.

Tuesday, November 17

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update - Tree Skirt

Another week down and another week closer to Christmas (Only 37 days to go). I'm a bit late with this weeks update but I have had orders coming in left, right and centre (not that I am complaining in anyway).

This week I am bring you the first instalment of my tutorial on how to make a Felt Tree Skirt.

Materials needed this week......
  • 2m of Thick felt (the felt that I bought was 92cm wide so all I needed was 2m. This pattern is customizable, so if you want a larger skirt and can get wider felt buy more length)
  • Batting (I bought a cot size traditional polyfil batting 114cm x 152cm. It fit my size skirt but if you are going to make it bigger you might have to get a larger size of batting)
  • Red thread
  • Green thread
1. Marking the circle
          • Measure 46cm (half way across your circle if you are making a different
            size) from the outer edge of the fabric towards the centre.
          • Pin the start of you measuring tape to the 46cm mark.
          • Now you might need a bit of help with this part. Using your measuring
            tape as a compass mark out your circle. Take your time. I only made
            little dash marks all the way around. Then after went back and carefully
            joined up the dashes.

2. Cut out the red felt circle you have just made.

3. Cutting out the 2nd felt circle
          • Place your first circle on top of the felt for you second circle.
          • Carefully cut out your second circle using the first as a guide.
          • Before taking the two circles apart place a pin in each circle facing
            towards the centre in the exact same place on each circle.

4. Cutting out the batting circle
          • Place the first circle on top of the batting
          • Carefully cut out the batting.
          • Doing the same as you did with the second circle place a pin in the
            batting in the same place as your first circle.

5. Making a felt and batting sandwich.
          • Place one circle of felt, then the batting making sure to line up the
            pins and making sure that both the felt and the batting are
            completely flat.
          • Place the second circle of felt on top of the batting, once again
            making sure to line up the pins and getting the felt completely flat.

6. Pinning the outer edge of the circle
          • Pin around the outer edge of your circle sandwich
          • While you are pinning around make sure that all the layers line
             up and are even.

 7. Marking up the divides (you need to divide up the circle so that you
place designs evenly around the circle)

          • Using a large ruler or something large with a straight edge, mark
             a line going from one side of the circle through the centre mark
             to the other side of the circle using tailors chalk or something
             like it.
          • To mark the line crossing the first, fold the line over on itself and
             place pins on the outer edge of the circle in the folds.
          • Using the ruler mark a line going from 1 of the pins to the other
            going through the centre mark.
          • Measure across the circle from one marked line to the next
            (see below, measure the red line) and divide the measurement
            in half and place a pin in facing towards the centre.
          • Repeat the last step in the 3 remaining sections of the circle
          • Using the ruler mark a line going from 1 pin to the other pin
            across the circle making sure to go through the centre mark. Then
            remove the pins
          • Repeat the last step on the last 2 pins

8. Making the back split
          • Pin either side of 1 line from outer edge to the centre mark. Approx
            1 cm either side
          • Cut down the marked line in the middle of the pinned lines to centre.

9. Making the inner circle (We have a fiberoptic tree so the centre circle is
quite large (55cm around) to go around the electronic base that we need to
 access every day while the tree is up. You will need to change the
measurements if you have a different type of tree)

          • Using the same method as when you marked out the outer circle,
            measure out from the centre 8.75cm and mark the circle.
          • Pin the outside of inner circle
          • Cut out the inner circle

10. Tack the chalk divide lines with a contrasting colour to the red
felt (I used Black)

11. Using your sewing machine stitch approximately 1 cm from the edge
around the outside of the circle, down either side of the slit and around
the inner circle using red thread.

12. Trimming the batting

          • Pushing the felt to either side snip away to batting up to the seam,
            making sure not to cut the seam or the felt.
          • Do this all the way around the sewn seam.

13. Sewing the decorative stitching around the tree skirt
          • Insert your needle and thread between the two pieces of felt and
            then outwards to hide the ends of the thread
          • Roll in the two pieces of felt from the seam allowance inwards on
            the edges as you go and either whip stitch or blanket stitch using
            a couple of strands of green thread. I've done mine in whip stitch.

Here is an over all idea of the layout. This drawing is almost completely
to scale, the only thing is that the pattern for the presents have now been
worked out yet so they might look a little different.

Next week, we will start cutting out the pieces and sewing them on.

Saturday, November 14

New Christmas Decorations

Well it's taken longer than I wanted but I now have new Christmas Decorations listed on Madeit.

These are so cute that I will be making a bunch for my own Christmas tree this year and at only $10 for a set of 5 they are a great way to get some new decorations for your Christmas tree. As these are made all by hand every set will have different shaped decorations in it.

Monday, November 9

The Toy Society

The other day I was reading a post on Lulufroufrou's blog about Chunky Chooky Toy Society drop. I had never heard of The Toy Society but after reading Lulufroufrou's post and then Chunky Chooky's post I had to find out what it was all about.

The Toy Society spreads the love throughout the streets of the world by us crafters. It started in Australia but now is worldwide. It's really is about giving something for nothing. About giving joy.
I loved the idea so much that I signed up right away and got sewing.

Here is my second toy I made but my first drop - now up on The Toy Society site

We decided to wait till we went out on Saturday and as we were driving through Sandgate I noticed that there was no kids playing in the park. Which is not very normal. We got my mum to quickly stop the car and then my son and I got out and made our way over to the park. At the same time there was a two kids with their grandparents approaching the park (but ended up going to a car beside the park). we quickly made our way in and sat on the bench, tied on the toy, took the photo and quickly fled again. It must have looked really weird but we did it.

Here is Dion sitting on the bench with the Toy.

We still have the first toy that I made to drop which we have tried to do since Saturday but we still need to work out where to do it.

The Toy Society is running a World Wide Christmas Drop on the last weekend before Christmas. We will be participating in this and have decided to set a goal of 50 toys. So far we have made one of those 50, and when I have finished typing this post I will be making toy two. My son loves this idea so much that he wants to help out, so I think I have found my very own toy stuffer, lol.

Stay tuned for updates.

AND THE WINNER IS....................

The giveaway is now closed and we had some really wonderful entries.

Before I announce the winner I thought that I would let you know a couple of our traditions.

My son Dion makes decorations for all the people in our family. This way everyone gets something handmade and Dion gets give his own present to all the family. It also give Dion a project to work on during the holidays.

Puzzles, we love them. We always get a new one for Christmas. We sit around watching movies and doing puzzles. The ones that we love the most are the Wasgij puzzles because the picture that is on the box is not what the picture on the puzzle is. Also they are cartoon puzzles.

Our newest tradition that we started last year and will be doing again this year is we stay at home. I know this sounds a bit weird but until last year we had never had Christmas day in our own home. Last year we said nope we will not travel. We want to vege out, not over eat. A couple of hours into last years Christmas day we made the pledge that we always have Christmas like this.

Ok so the winner is.............. Lulufroufrou

Thanks everyone for the great entries. We will be having another giveaway before Christmas so stay tuned.

Sunday, November 8

Kreativ Blogger Award

The wonderful Michelle over at Michelle Art and Photography awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Which is so wonderful, Thanks Michelle.

7 rules to keep it growing:

1) Copy picture and post on your blog ✓

2) thank the person who gave it to you and link to their blog ✓

3) write 7 things about yourself we don't know: ✓

1. I don't drive. Haven't ever got my licence beyond my L's
2. I have my sons name tattooed on my right wrist (and its not my only tattoo)
3. I have lived in the same house for 9 years, which is the longest I have lived in any house
4. I hate mushrooms.
5. I used to volunteer full time at my sons school in the school office.
6. I have been trekking in Nepal (Not fun by the way)
7. I love to bake sweets but I don't necessarily have to eat them

4) choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to ✓

5) link to those 7 other bloggers ✓

1. Epheriell Designs

2. Emma Rose Art
3. Billy Boy and Mia
4. Ruby Victoria
5. Chunky Chooky
6. Lulu frou frou
7. Lillipilli Lane

6) notify your 7 bloggers ✓(doing that right now)

Thanks again Michelle.

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

Bit late this week with my post but I have a really good excuse, lol. My mum who lives down in northern New South Wales (Dunoon to be exact) came up yesterday for a flying visit. We stopped by, picked up my Gran and all four of us took a trip to Spotlight (I ended up spend way too much money, so nothing new there).

OK this week we are back to the normal weekly update.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a bunch of button pins, not long after a receive a beautiful little package containing two of the button pins. I really wish that I had taken a photo of the packaging. I am not into supporting elaborate packaging but this was so wonderful in it simplicity and care. And to top it off the button pins were even better than the pictures.

Here in Australia tree skirts are not very common. On my last trip to Kmart and I found one type but it was not very nice and too keep in the spirit of Handmade I have decided to make my own (Scary). After looking a couple of different sites and kits I worked out the basic design of what I would like. I have decided to make it out of felt as I think its a bit more forgiving.
Below is my design so far, I still need to draw on the presents under the trees and I have been think of snowflakes coming down from the centre towards the trees but I am still not completely sure on that.
Feel free to use any part of my design, I will have the completed design in next weeks post for you all to see.

Well this is it for this weeks post. Only 47 days left till Christmas and lots of work to be done.


Blog News..............

The current giveaway is finishing today so get in now and leave comment on your favourite Christmas Tradition to be in the running.

I will have a couple extra posts this week, so stay tuned for some great news.


Shop News..............

Last week I had wanted to load up some decorations that i had been working on but I had had a lot of problems finding the right ribbon for the decorations to hang from. Now that I have finally found it the decorations will be up very soon.


Personal News..............

I would like to say a big thank you to all the followers that showed my son such great support in starting his own shop. I has been wonderful so see.

Saturday, October 31

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

I know that this is where I normally would update you on our progress with our Handmade Christmas Pledge but this week the Big News has finally arrived. The only person that I would allow to take over my weekly update is my little shorty (My son Dion). 
Dion has started his own store selling items made with handmade covered buttons. To start off Dion will be selling his creations in his shop on Madeit called Dion's Buttons. Dion has also setup a blog, so stop by for the latest updates new products, sales, and giveaways. 

Dion has some great button pins, hair buttons and craft buttons for Christmas. Great for any Christmas outfit. I really love the striped hair buttons, only wish that I was able to wear them this Christmas but they wont work with my short hair.

Dion also has covered button magnets, button pins that would be great for Christmas presents or stocking stuffers. The custom word magnets are a fantastic idea, something I have not seen anywhere.

Coming soon to Dion's Buttons are covered button earrings. Please stop by his shop and show him some love.


Blog News..........

We will be back to the normal Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update next week. Thanks for putting up with my gushing this week.

Giveaway is still running. During the week I announced that the prize for the giveaway will be two of my Christmas Owls


Shop News................

The Christmas Owl is now loaded up to my Madeit Store and will be on the Etsy store this week.

I will be also listing some other decorations this week.

Friday, October 30

And the prize is .......

The prize for the our current giveaway is .......... 2 Christmas Owls.

These Christmas Owls will be available from my Madeit Shop from tomorrow for only $6.50 each. I will also have some other decorations from tomorrow.

So to be in the running to win two of these cute owls follow the instructions below before the 8th November.

 So if you already follow my blog leave a comment letting me know whats your favourite Christmas Tradition. If you are not a follower click on the button to follow the blog and then leave your comment.

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's responses so far.

Good luck everyone

Monday, October 26

Featured in Bondville

You may notice a little change to my blog. To my lovely surprise I received an email this afternoon letting me know that my wonderful Woven Felt Basket has been featured in Bondville Blog as part of a post on Madeit.
Thanks to Steph from Bondville for including me.

Sunday, October 25


Hi All, its giveaway time again.

I would love to hear about your favourite Christmas tradition, whether they be new or really old. So if you already follow my blog leave a comment letting me know whats yours. If you are not a follower click on the button to follow the blog and then leave your comment.

I will be announcing the prize during the week.

So you have until the 8th of November to let me know your tradition. On the morning of the 9th of November a winner will be chosen randomly and announced here on the blog.

Good Luck.

Saturday, October 24

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

Its been a big week but first I want to give big shout out and thank you to Emma from Belafonte, in last weeks post I featured her "Girl with Bow" and to thank me Emma is going to give me the print. I love this print and I am totally blown away by her generosity. Stop by Belafonte on Madeit or Etsy store and see Emma's beautiful work.

I have made so many purchases this week that I had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of everything.
Earlier in the year I bought a beautiful little ACEO Mermaid print and ever since it has lived on my desk. Every so often I would go back to TheBrilliantMagpie and look over the beautiful prints. This week I added to my print and purchased another 3 prints from Amy for a Christmas present for myself.

                Sea Dreams                                                      Irina

I also purchased a print of a girl flying called Far From Shore which will be going into my bedroom when I have finished making it over.

Last week I shared with you all the wonderful work of RubyVictoria, I loved her gift tags so much that I ended up buying two packs (But don't worry there are still some available). I also found these funny and cute tags to add to our collection.

I was also able to gather another gift for my son. My sons collection of belts is growing as much as his collection of hats at the moments. This belt will add a bit of fun to what ever he is wearing.

Well this is it for this week, We have a trip planned to spotlight tomorrow and I need to work out my list of supplies that need/want (hehehehehe).


Shop News............

Hopefully by midweek I will have my Christmas Decorations finished and loaded up to the stop. So stay tuned.



I will be announcing our latest giveaway this week so look out for it.



Tuesday, October 20


So happy, I just got of the phone from booking our holiday. After New Years we are going to be spend a week in a cabin on Bribie Island. We have stayed there before and both times it was a wonderful week of going to the beach, playing cards, and watching the waves come in. I have to thank my son, he was given the choice of 2-3 nights on the Gold Coast or a week on Bribie and he picked Bribie.

This is the view across the road from our cottage.

This is like the cabin we will be staying in.

So those of you out there that are looking for a holiday, Bongaree Caravan Park is great and they class the last two weeks of the school holidays as mid-season which a lot of places don't do.

Saturday, October 17

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

This week I want to give a shout out the wonderful crafters over at Madeit. This great Australian site is wonderful for selling our handmade Aussie creations.

Bec from Little Wise Owl  has these really cute Christmas Apples, they are a wonderful way to decorate this Christmas and it make them even better I won one in a giveaway on the Little Wise Owl Blog.

I think prints are a great present to give, as long as you know the person well enough. Last year I got my Gran a ACEO print for $5.00USD and got a custom frame made for $16.00AUD. For such a small price I was able to give my Gran beautiful piece of art. This print is wonderful I love the way the hair wisps up and the simple beautiful lines.

We are starting to think about how we are going to wrap and label our presents. I came across these cute gift tags that I think would add a vintage feel to out packages.

This week we added to our present collection and I wanted to share one of them with you. My son Loves Origami, Dinosaur's, and making things. When I came upon these Dino's I knew that I just had to get him one. After buying one I went back and bought the rest of the Dino collection and the Japanese collection. Its going to give him lots to do over the holidays.

Ok this is it for this week. Stop by Madeit and give it some love, since joining the team at Madeit and all the other crafters have been wonderful.


Blog News.........

Welcome to the new look. I am really happy with the new layout and it will be staying this way until we change for Christmas.

We will also be running another giveaway shortly. So stay tuned.


Shop News..........

We now have Personalized Soft Elephant Toys in both my Etsy and Madeit stores.

Also the Woven Felt Basket that was in my last weekly post in now available in both my Etsy and Madeit stores. In not too long they will be available in different sizes.



Thursday, October 15

New Blog Layout

Well early this morning I decided to change the layout of my blog. I had always wanted a 3 column but hadn't found a good one when I first setup my blog.
So here it is. Because by the time I got this done it was the early morning some of the functions of my blog are not up and running again but will be by the end of the day.
I hope you all like it.

Monday, October 12


This morning I woke to find that I now have 25 followers of my blog. Yippee. Thanks to everyone who signed up to follow. Using a random list generator entered all followers names and had the list randomized. The name to come to the 1st place was the winner. As you can see from below the winner is millyandme. millyandme has won a $20 gift voucher and free postage.

 There will be another giveaway coming up, just in time for Christmas. So stay tuned.

Sunday, October 11

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

Well it hasn't been a very productive week on the creative front. A combination of things, son coming home, meetings and two nights working on my budget kind of stuffed it. So apologise for the really short post this week.

I did get the chance to work on the list of presents, there was a lot of names with blank spaces beside them. Now we might not have all the presents for all the people but we sure have a good idea of what we are going to get them.

This week the Mini decals I purchased from One Up arrived.

These are going to be great for my son to put on his laptop. As an extra we received the decal of the cassette tape which will be great little extra present for a cousin of mine.

Hopefully I will have more Christmas news to share with you all next week.


Last weekend while I was out I got a canvas to stretch some beautiful fabric over that my Grandmother brought back from Japan for me. Its 90x90cm and I am really happy with the outcome. Now I just have to find the right hooks to hang it up in my bedroom.

I have a very small piece of this fabric left and I will be stretching it over small canvas for the shop.

 I have been working on this woven felt basket for a couple of weeks (on and off) now and yesterday I finally finished it. I'm actually thinking of making one for my Uncle and Aunt for Christmas.


Blog News ........

So close to drawing our giveaway. Only 4 more followers. So if you haven't already clicked on the follow button get in now for your chance to win a $20 gift voucher and free delivery.

Also don't forget to add you favourite Christmas food to the list.

Thursday, October 8

Yippee I won

Yesterday I retweeted a tweet from Madeit for the chance to win 1 of 5 Madeit Recipe Zines and this morning I woke to find I have won a copy. Yippee. I cant wait for it to arrive and start cooking.

Tuesday, October 6

A gift from Annette

One of my closest friends is leaving tomorrow for a 3 week trip to the US. During her time away her pet bird is going to be staying with us. To thank me in advance she bought me this Annabel Trends Tea Towel (Personally I think she should wait to see if it is still alive after 3 weeks living in our house). It's so beautiful I cant bare to think of my son drying the dishes on it, so I think that I will stretch it over a canvas to hang over my desk.

I hope Netta and Pete have a great trip.

Saturday, October 3

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

Well it has been a an enjoyable second week of the school holidays. My son is spending a long weekend down on my mums property, so I was hoping to get lots of projects finished. So far I haven't finished a thing and I am late working on my weekly post but it wasn't all in vain. I spend the day with my Gran going to the movies. While I was out I was able to pick up a large stretched canvas, which I hope to share with you after the weekend.

This week I wanted to talk about the size/cost of gifts. I know for myself its great to know that a friend has thought about me enough to add me to their list of people to give presents too. Even if the present is only a box of chocolates that person took the time to think of you and spend hard earned cash.
Now family is a little different but I think of it this way, I set myself a budget of the amount I would like to spend on that person/couple but if I find a present that is perfect for that person/couple (ie necklace for an aunt who likes chunky jewelery) for less it does not mean that I need to find other presents to make up that budgeted amount. Really doesn't matter how much you spend on someone as long as you have really thought about what the person likes.

I have a really close friend who I share a love of Coke with (I think the word is obsessive). I came across this cute coke cow magnet and knew it was perfect as a Christmas present for her. I will also be getting one of their cute little dog magnets for her, including postage it will only cost $8.50USD.

In one of my earlier post I was able to show you all the Bath mitt and spa cloth that I made for a special person in our family, well to add to this special gift I got some beautiful soap, it smells divine and the fact that it arrived so quick was wonderful. Now all I have left for this present is to make a bath mat. 

Every year we have both a star and an angel on the top of our Christmas tree. While I love the star,  but the angel was just a cheap one we got at the $2 shop. Cute but not special. I spotted this adorable angel and fell in love. So this week I bit the bullet so to speak and purchased the pattern and even thought I haven't crocheted anything like this I am going to give it my best shot.

Over the next week I hopefully I can find the time to work on some more presents for you all to see.


Blog News.......

With all the talk of Christmas, my son and I have started thinking about what foods we want to have on the day. In the past we always went to family for Christmas day but last year we decided to spend the day at home and to only eat our favourite Christmas food. And I have to say it was so good that we are going to be doing the same thing again this year.
So you will find in the side bar a list of the foods we really want to have this year and under it you will find a comment box where you can tell us about your favourite Christmas foods. Some of your favourites might just make it onto our list to try out this year.

Our giveaway is still running so if you havent already done so, click on the follow button on the sidebar.

I hope to bring you at least one extra post this week, in a couple of days so stop back again then.


Last but not least I want to share a story with you.

Last Wednesday my son spend the night at my grandmothers, when he was dropped home my gran spotted 3 very adorable chicks sitting on a low branch in my font yard. After watching them for a while and taking a quite a few photos, we went inside and thought nothing more of them.
Just after dusk my son was taking the garbage down to the big and thought to check on the chicks and found that the mother and two of the chicks were gone. But they had left one of the chicks behind.  After calling my Gran, Uncle and Aunt we decided to put in a box with some shredded paper in the bottom and bring it inside.
After keeping it warm all night my son woke to find the mother and two chicks were back on the branch. So my son got the chick out and put it back on the branch. Much to our amazement the mother started feeding it and that night the it went with its mother and two other chicks.

(The chick in the middle is the chick that spent the night with us)

Saturday, September 26

Handmade Chrismtas Pledge Weekly Update

So we are coming to the end of the first week of the Spring School Holidays. We have only got through about a quarter of the projects planned so its going to be a big final week.

While at the Chermside Shopping centre this week we stopped by the Oxfam Shop which is a fair trade shop. As soon as I walked into the door I spotted this beautiful Girl box from Vietnam. I was able to get it in my favourite colour purple, on the Oxfam website they have them in Orange and Blue (The great thing is that this fits in with my rules, so I will be saving it for Christmas).

My son has a white Dell mini 9, I was able to get 5 One Up Minis for only $6USD including postage. This is a great way to make his Laptop individual.

This way whether it is Monkeys, an Owl or Rhino Beetles or all three I think he will be very happy.

So last week I promised that I would finish a set of my Elf bags so that I could show everyone
and here they are.....

We are so happy with these, once I have finished another 12-14 my son is going to be making decorations to give to the family. I got this great pattern from CrochetSal


Blog News.......

I have now added a countdown to Christmas to the sidebar. I know that this can look like a lot of time but Look at it this way. If you are paid weekly it is only 12 pay days, and if you are paid fortnightly it is only 6. So its not that far away.

We are still running our giveaway, so follow the blog to win.

Shop News.......

I have been able to load up one of my new Pin Cushions up and I have another 3 still to come.

For those Aussies out there I have lots of my products now over at Madeit also, so stop by my shop