Monday, November 9

AND THE WINNER IS....................

The giveaway is now closed and we had some really wonderful entries.

Before I announce the winner I thought that I would let you know a couple of our traditions.

My son Dion makes decorations for all the people in our family. This way everyone gets something handmade and Dion gets give his own present to all the family. It also give Dion a project to work on during the holidays.

Puzzles, we love them. We always get a new one for Christmas. We sit around watching movies and doing puzzles. The ones that we love the most are the Wasgij puzzles because the picture that is on the box is not what the picture on the puzzle is. Also they are cartoon puzzles.

Our newest tradition that we started last year and will be doing again this year is we stay at home. I know this sounds a bit weird but until last year we had never had Christmas day in our own home. Last year we said nope we will not travel. We want to vege out, not over eat. A couple of hours into last years Christmas day we made the pledge that we always have Christmas like this.

Ok so the winner is.............. Lulufroufrou

Thanks everyone for the great entries. We will be having another giveaway before Christmas so stay tuned.


ilovestitches said...

Congrats lulufroufrou!

lulufroufrou said...

Thank you Jessica - How exciting!! I knew I shouldn't have neglected my google reader. And a BIG Thank you for my blogger award. Thanks. B the way I love that your son is helping out with the toys for the Toy Society. What a sweetheart!uuu