Day Zero Project - 101 in 1001 Days

101 goals in 1001 days. 

Finish by the 3rd of July 2013
  1. Make Homemade Jam 
  2. Get another Tattoo
  3. Find a great job 
  4. Visit Uri in Canada
  5. Get a mani/pedi
  6. Get my License
  7. Go on a road trip 
  8. Complete 365 day photo challenge 
  9. Get back into my fav jeans 
  10. Go on a cruise 
  11. Go to a movie marathon 
  12. Take a photography class 
  13. Go to a cooking class 
  14. Get my NZ citizenship
  15. Get a massage 
  16. Holiday in Melbourne 
  17. Go skinny dipping 
  18. Become Debt free 
  19. Go to China 
  20. Go to a movie under the stars 
  21. Buy a new bed 
  22. See a live comedy show 
  23. Buy a great camera 
  24. Try a new (and possibly frightening) food 
  25. See a Broadway show 
  26. Attend a live taping of a TV Show 
  27. See the Eels playing 
  28. Start a new tradition 
  29. Go on a rollercoaster - Even if it kills me 
  30. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween 
  31. Document one month of my life in photographs
  32. Have nice pics taken of myself and Dion 
  33. Secret Wish 
  34. Buy an iPad
  35. Get an IQ2
  36. Have wireless net setup in the house DONE
  37. Visit Pop's grave 
  38. Sell everything I don't need on Ebay 
  39. Stop eating snacks late at night 
  40. Get mum's overlocker fixed
  41. Have a spa day 
  42. Listen to a new artist every day for a month 
  43. Attend 5 concerts 
  44. Rent a beach house 
  45. Try 20 new restaurants 
  46. Watch a movie nominated for Oscar for every year of the last 60 years 
  47. Take an Art class 
  48. Try a new recipe each fortnight 
  49. Join a book club DONE
  50. Celebrate thanksgiving 
  51. Blog every day of Blogtoberfest
  52. Have a holiday in NZ including Auckland and Wellington 
  53. Reach 100 sales in my shop 
  54. Complete 80km in 80days
  55. Find the right gray curtains for the lounge room
  56. Read 100 books 
  57. Put away $5 for each completed task - the total to be spent shopping at the end of my 1001 days
  58. Buy a Goat/Chicken/Something from
  59. Call or Email Nana and Pop Bi-monthly
  60. Give up coke for at least 3 months 
  61. Make Cheese 
  62. Try Tapioca 
  63. Stick to a budget for at least 1 month 
  64. Buy a new Freezer 
  65. Buy a new hairdryer 
  66. Have Dion's desk setup so he can use it 
  67. Stay at a hotel in the city just for the hell of it
  68. Have 150 followers on my blog 
  69. Write my book for home leavers 
  70. Make my will 
  71. make a recipe from every cookbook I own 
  72. Buy a new TV for my bedroom
  73. Go to the pool at least once this summer
  74. Learn how to play poker
  75. Make my own Hexi Quilt
  76. Have a beautiful linen cupboard - Full of vintage and other beautiful linen
  77. Try out being blonde, just once to see if I like it
  78. Sew my own comfortable pj pants
  79. Finish my rag quilt 
  80. Finish my granny square blanket
  81. Learn how to do button hole on my sewing machine
  82. Pass all the units of my Children's Services Course
  83. actually drink 8 cups of water a day for a month 
  84. Go to bed every night before midnight for a entire month 
  85. Participate in Earth hour
  86. Enroll and Complete Cert 3 in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft
  87. Visit Mum more 
  88. Get better at embroidery
  89. Work out how to decorate the hallway and complete it
  90. See the terracotta warriors in Sydney
  91. Buy a new washing machine
  92. Complete the house fix up list by the end of 2011
  93. Complete a Small Business Course 
  94. Make Ice Cream from scratch 
  95. Take a cake decorating class