Thursday, March 10

Finally Bit the Bullet

I have known for a while that I really need to loose some weight. I really hate being on a diet, counting calories but the time had come. On Monday I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app for my iPhone, looked up some healthy recipes, went and bought some healthy food and started.

You know what it hasn't been too bad. In fact lots of the meals have been really yummy.   

My son would be so proud of me. I cooked chicken that I coated by hand and then cooked and ate. Which is a big step for me I really don't like the look or smell of raw meat and if I do get to the point of cooking it I normally chicken out (pardon the pun) on eating it. I'm OK with mince and sausages but anything else is really hard.

The Digits 
So *cough cough* I currently weigh 120kg and I want to get down to 80kg. 
I know myself and I know that's a big step to try and take so I have set a mini goal of getting down to 110kg by the 16th of May. That's 10kg in ten weeks. 

I'm going to be blogging my progress, recipes and other useful info once a week to help me stick with it. 


A Christy Production said...

Woohoo!! You go girl. I'm in the same boat. Used to weigh 130kg, aiming to get down to 80kg. Started a month ago and I'm down to 123kg so far! You should join into battle of the blogger butts - it's a group of us blogging ladies trying to lose weight and we report in with each other every week with our losses and gains and experiences. It's good fun!

Raewyn said...

That's awesome! I've also downloaded 'My Fitness Pal'. I need to lose 20kg, but don't want to diet. I'm looking at more of a permanent lifestyle change. Good luck with it and please do keep us posted! :)

printed coasters said...

These are really delightful colourful treats and photographs. Dish of mint and chestnut, strawberries and cream, vanilla and salted caramel are my favorite. Your dishes are looks too much delicious.

Hand-Made said...

MMMM looks yummy! How are you going on your weight loss journey? Im on one myself :D


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