Monday, March 7

Now You Know My ABC's

Zoe over at A Giraffe in a Scarf did this on her blog so I thought why not. If you want to join in add your link over on Zoe's blog.

A for Age: *Cough Cough* 29

B for Bed Size: Queen

C for Chore You Dislike: All them, The only one that I can stand is folding clean washing

D for Dogs: We had a dog when I was really young called Bessie Boo but I don't remember her. I would love to have a little do but the owner of my place wont allow it

E for Essential Start to Your Day: Turning on my laptop. It doesn't matter if I'm not going to be home all day I always turn on my laptop and check things

F for Favourite Colour: It sounds so boring but I love Grey

G for Gold or Silver: I have both but I wear silver these days

H for Height: 162cm

I for Instruments You Play(ed): I played Piano for a couple of years when I was younger

J for Job Title: I'm a Student so I don't have a Job Title

K for Kids: One 12yo son. Might have more later on but that would require finding a man

L for Live: Deagon, Brisbane, Queensland Australia

M for Mum's Name: Susan

N for Nicknames: I get Jess a lot but mum calls me Jessie but I don't like it

O for Overnight Hospital Stays: Broken leg when I was a kid, had to have a pin put in then taken out later. Having my Son. Also had my gallbladder taken out in my early 20s

P for Pet Peeves: People talking with their mouth full of food.

Q for Quote From A Movie: I don't have any quotes from movies

R for Righty or Lefty: Left

S for Siblings: One younger brother who lives on Whistler Canada. He went over there years ago for a holiday and we haven't been able to get him back since. *Hint hint Uri*

T for Time You Wake Up: I get when my son is going to school but sometimes end up going back to bed if I don't have something on. I'm a night person so mornings are not my good time.

U for Underwear: If I'm leaving the house that day then I wear what I have nicknamed my "suck me in's". Otherwise briefs.

V for Veggie's You Don't Like: Mushrooms yuck yuck yuck. Just the thought makes me feel like heaving.

W for What Makes You Run Late: Public Transport. I hate being late.

X for X-Rays You've Had: Heaps for times for my knees. Every couple of years my knee starts playing up and I go for new ones.

Y for Yummy Food You Make: I love to bake but I don't tend to eat what I bake. For me the fun is in the baking.

Z for Zoo Animal Favourites: Giraffe's and Orangutan's


Alex said...

Ooh that is a clever idea and great way to get to know you :D I might do it myself!

Zoe said...

It's the perfect little quiz to learn about people! I really love grey too, I don't think it's boring at all!