Saturday, March 12

Visual Arts Class

As I shared with you all earlier in the week, my son and mum are in Japan (In Tokyo yesterday) at the moment. The earthquake has been a very scary experience, had me freaking out there for a while but I'm very happy to say that my son and mum are safe.

I wanted to share with you all what I've been doing in my Visual Arts Class. 

Yesterday in class we spent the day drawing and painting apples. Mind you I have only been using charcoal. I'm a very precise, neat, clean artist. So I find the messiness of charcoal hard to deal with mentally (even though I understand how to use it), it drives me crazy but I really want to be able to because I love the look of charcoal drawings. There are 9 of us in the class and it has been wonderful to watch everyone's process and results. I'm very slow, I like to take my time, part of the precise part of my nature I guess. Do a bit, step back and assess, do a bit more. Yesterday I got 3 of my 6 needed drawings done. Here is two of my favourites.

This was my second drawing today and I'm pretty happy with the result but there are some areas that I want to do a little bit more work on.

So after sitting there and munching down on one of my apples, this was my 3rd drawing. I really like the way this turned out. 

So this weekend and next week I will be working on the other pictures that I need to get done and then cropping out parts of my drawings that I like the composition. From these croppings I will be picking one to paint in the style of Matisse on a very large scale. Which more than just a little bit scary.

So stay tuned for some more pics.

Thursday, March 10

Finally Bit the Bullet

I have known for a while that I really need to loose some weight. I really hate being on a diet, counting calories but the time had come. On Monday I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app for my iPhone, looked up some healthy recipes, went and bought some healthy food and started.

You know what it hasn't been too bad. In fact lots of the meals have been really yummy.   

My son would be so proud of me. I cooked chicken that I coated by hand and then cooked and ate. Which is a big step for me I really don't like the look or smell of raw meat and if I do get to the point of cooking it I normally chicken out (pardon the pun) on eating it. I'm OK with mince and sausages but anything else is really hard.

The Digits 
So *cough cough* I currently weigh 120kg and I want to get down to 80kg. 
I know myself and I know that's a big step to try and take so I have set a mini goal of getting down to 110kg by the 16th of May. That's 10kg in ten weeks. 

I'm going to be blogging my progress, recipes and other useful info once a week to help me stick with it. 

Monday, March 7

Now You Know My ABC's

Zoe over at A Giraffe in a Scarf did this on her blog so I thought why not. If you want to join in add your link over on Zoe's blog.

A for Age: *Cough Cough* 29

B for Bed Size: Queen

C for Chore You Dislike: All them, The only one that I can stand is folding clean washing

D for Dogs: We had a dog when I was really young called Bessie Boo but I don't remember her. I would love to have a little do but the owner of my place wont allow it

E for Essential Start to Your Day: Turning on my laptop. It doesn't matter if I'm not going to be home all day I always turn on my laptop and check things

F for Favourite Colour: It sounds so boring but I love Grey

G for Gold or Silver: I have both but I wear silver these days

H for Height: 162cm

I for Instruments You Play(ed): I played Piano for a couple of years when I was younger

J for Job Title: I'm a Student so I don't have a Job Title

K for Kids: One 12yo son. Might have more later on but that would require finding a man

L for Live: Deagon, Brisbane, Queensland Australia

M for Mum's Name: Susan

N for Nicknames: I get Jess a lot but mum calls me Jessie but I don't like it

O for Overnight Hospital Stays: Broken leg when I was a kid, had to have a pin put in then taken out later. Having my Son. Also had my gallbladder taken out in my early 20s

P for Pet Peeves: People talking with their mouth full of food.

Q for Quote From A Movie: I don't have any quotes from movies

R for Righty or Lefty: Left

S for Siblings: One younger brother who lives on Whistler Canada. He went over there years ago for a holiday and we haven't been able to get him back since. *Hint hint Uri*

T for Time You Wake Up: I get when my son is going to school but sometimes end up going back to bed if I don't have something on. I'm a night person so mornings are not my good time.

U for Underwear: If I'm leaving the house that day then I wear what I have nicknamed my "suck me in's". Otherwise briefs.

V for Veggie's You Don't Like: Mushrooms yuck yuck yuck. Just the thought makes me feel like heaving.

W for What Makes You Run Late: Public Transport. I hate being late.

X for X-Rays You've Had: Heaps for times for my knees. Every couple of years my knee starts playing up and I go for new ones.

Y for Yummy Food You Make: I love to bake but I don't tend to eat what I bake. For me the fun is in the baking.

Z for Zoo Animal Favourites: Giraffe's and Orangutan's

Sunday, March 6

Where is the World is My Son............

My Son is in JAPAN

Last Thursday my son and mum flew out of Brisbane to Cairns and then on to Tokyo on Friday. My 12 day break didn't start out that well for me, because I some how got food poisoning but I'm all better now and last night my mum transferred these pics to me. So I thought that I would share them with you all. 

Mum and Dion are skiing in Hakuba and then to Tokyo for shopping etc.

Don't forget to enter my current competition 

Saturday, March 5

Hop Hop

Look what I found on my window when I went to close my windows late the other night.

Gave a bit of a surprise when I pulled back the curtain.