2011 Goal

This year besides our 101 in 1001 we have a goal of getting things sorted out in our little home. Here is the list we have so far. I can see things being added along the way.

  1. Finish the embroidery hoops and hang 
  2. Find gray curtains for the lounge room and hang them
  3. Buy a screen for front door way 
  4. Secure Dion's desk to the wall 
  5. Buy a new desk chair for myself 
  6. Buy chair mat for my work area (Got to stop killing the carpet) 
  7. Finish 1000 Cranes and display 
  8. Frame and hang artwork and prints 
  9. Buy or make bright frames for the hallway 
  10. Buy, paint and hang bird houses in the Entrance Area 
  11. Finish making, frame, and hang cross stitch SLEEP artwork
  12. Buy 2 more hallway cupboards 
  13. Buy a new bed and mattress for myself 
  14. Paint my old bed for Dion 
  15. Finish making Dion's rag rug 
  16. Finish making the granny square blanket 
  17. Finish making the rag quilt 
  18. Attach noticeboards to the wall at my desk 
  19. Buy and hang blinds in the bedrooms 
  20. Buy and hang new curtains for the bedrooms 
  21. Buy a bedside table for my bedroom 
  22. Potted Succulents for the kitchen 
  23. Buy and paint a chest of draws for Dion 
  24. Put up shelves in the kitchen 
  25. Make a shaggy rag rug for my bedroom 
  26. Buy new fans for all the rooms of the house 
  27. Buy artwork for Dion's bedroom 
  28. Buy extra storage for the business 
  29. Buy a bench for the entrance area