Saturday, September 26

Handmade Chrismtas Pledge Weekly Update

So we are coming to the end of the first week of the Spring School Holidays. We have only got through about a quarter of the projects planned so its going to be a big final week.

While at the Chermside Shopping centre this week we stopped by the Oxfam Shop which is a fair trade shop. As soon as I walked into the door I spotted this beautiful Girl box from Vietnam. I was able to get it in my favourite colour purple, on the Oxfam website they have them in Orange and Blue (The great thing is that this fits in with my rules, so I will be saving it for Christmas).

My son has a white Dell mini 9, I was able to get 5 One Up Minis for only $6USD including postage. This is a great way to make his Laptop individual.

This way whether it is Monkeys, an Owl or Rhino Beetles or all three I think he will be very happy.

So last week I promised that I would finish a set of my Elf bags so that I could show everyone
and here they are.....

We are so happy with these, once I have finished another 12-14 my son is going to be making decorations to give to the family. I got this great pattern from CrochetSal


Blog News.......

I have now added a countdown to Christmas to the sidebar. I know that this can look like a lot of time but Look at it this way. If you are paid weekly it is only 12 pay days, and if you are paid fortnightly it is only 6. So its not that far away.

We are still running our giveaway, so follow the blog to win.

Shop News.......

I have been able to load up one of my new Pin Cushions up and I have another 3 still to come.

For those Aussies out there I have lots of my products now over at Madeit also, so stop by my shop

Sunday, September 20

Giveaway Update

Our giveaway to celebrate the our Handmade Christmas Pledge is still running.

The first 25 followers of my blog will go into the draw to win a $20 gift voucher to our store and free postage.

Just add yourself via google friend connect to go into the draw. Go into the draw and you could win a Handmade Christmas Present or something for yourself.

Saturday, September 19

Handmade Christmas Pledge Weekly Update

I have been very slack on the Christmas front this week. Unfortunately I have not made any progress on making my decorations or present. Oooops. But I have been on the search for presents for my son and family which I thought that I would share with you.

I have an 11 year old son, so sometimes finding handmade gifts can be hard but there is one way that you can fit within the rules that I set for myself and still get my son the gift he would love .... Craft Kits.

Here's what my son loves.

Dion is obsessed with origami at the moment and I have found a number of kits using the the search "Origami Kits"

So Dion is a very creative kid and has already learnt how to crochet and hand sew, this Christmas Holidays he wants to learn how to sew using the sewing machine. I found the following kits during my travels through Etsy.

For All of the parents out there that are looking for stocking stuffers here's a couple my son would love.

BYO Triceratops - Deluxe Kit by kfarrell who also sell great belt buckles.

For some reason my son loves Lip Balm, what better way than to make it yourself and get it in a great flavour.

I have also come across these great presents.

Despite my son's age quite often I find soaked toy cars sitting next to the bath tub after he has had his bath. Think this might be a better option.

Dion already has Pirate Faces around his window, thought that this would be great addition.

Every year I like to get some back to school items for Christmas. I found this great way to still do this and have it be unique to my son. This great Lunch bag Kit is great, it comes with everything you need except the exterior material. So i can go out with my son and he can pick out something no other child will have.

I came across this Cheese Kit that will make a great gift for somebody in the family (Cant say who in case they read the blog). I am even think I will have to get one for myself. My mum used to make goats cheese when we lived on the farm, so this will be a great way for me share that with my son over the school holidays.

Ok, one last one just for me. I couldn't resist. This Bag is great.


These are only some of the great things I have found so far. Next week I promise to have some of my projects done so I can show you all.

Sunday, September 13

New Product - Updated

UPDATED: Finished and loaded up this new pencil roll this morning adding the girly purple fabric to the pencil slots and the ties. Stay tuned for the next one with boys camo fabric.

I have been wanting to start a line of items for kids and here is the first piece.
The new pencil roll is made from medium weight denim fabric embroidered with your child's name or nickname in the colours of your choice. The one above has been made up to be given to my young cousin Casey for our Handmade Christmas. The roll has 12 slots for pencils and comes with a set of 12 pencils. Check out the shop for all the details.

Saturday, September 12

Handmade Christmas Pledge Weekly Update

So last week my camera died before I was able to take a photo of the Crocheted Cupcake that I made as one of the presents for our handmade Christmas. So here it is,

So this week I wanted to share my progress on making our handmade Decorations.
I found a really easy pattern for Snowflakes somewhere on the net. It's a really great place to find patterns that are free to use for personal use. The easiest way to find these patterns is to use google, eg "Free Christmas Crochet Patterns". I am going to be making strings of snowflakes to hang around the top of my living room.

These wonderful Crochet Light Bulbs will also be strung up around the top of my living room.  I got this great pattern from jeanherman and only for $3.00USD.

My son in the past made Decorations for the family as his Christmas Present to the family, well this year he will be reviving this tradition and to help him out I found a great pattern from CrochetSal for Elf bags, after I have finished making these up my son is going to use them to put his handmade decorations in. Photos will be loaded up next weekly update when I have completed a full set.
As I have mentioned before we will also be using handmade gift wrapping. When I spotted the pattern for Reindeer Gift Bags from carriesclutter. With all the presents, decorations and products for the shop I have been making I have not had time to start making this one up but I really look forward to it as I haven't tried felting before.

So I have found a number of patterns on Etsy using the search "Patterns, Crochet, Christmas", as seen below in a screen capture there are some great ideas out there. Even if what you like to do is not crochet there is patterns out there for all types of craft and for only a small cost.  

For my followers I wanted to share a online craft shop that I love, Clever Patch . They have a great range of craft items and also a large collection of Christmas Craft Activities. So even if you dont need to order anything, stop by and look through the activities. I cant wait to make my order soon.


Next post I will update everyone on the progress we have made so far, and the new and exciting projects we have found.


Little bit of news on the shop,

We have a new product line that will be loaded up to the shop over the weekend. Something for the kids this time, so stay tuned for the pics.

Sunday, September 6


To celebrate the our Handmade Christmas Pledge we will be running a giveaway.
For the first 25 followers of my blog will go into the draw to win a $20 gift voucher to our store and free postage.
Just add yourself via google friend connect to go into the draw. Go into the draw and you could win a Handmade Christmas Present or something for yourself.

Thursday, September 3

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

So it has taken me a while but I am finally getting around to updating everyone on Our Handmade Christmas Pledge. This has really taken on a life of its own in our little family, not only are our gifts going to be handmade but also our decorations.

For those of you out there that are wondering if we have set any rules to follow for our little challenge the answer is yes. They are,
  • Gifts will be purchased from either Etsy or like online market place, Local markets, and Oxfam or like stores or handmade by myself.
  • The only items that can be purchased from stores not listed above are supplies (except for the 25% exception for my son(see last post for details)).
  • All gift wrapping, cards and ribbons are to be either purchased from either Etsy or like online market place, Local markets, and Oxfam or like stores or to be handmade by myself.
  • And any other rules that I decide should be added along the way

Gifts so far.....
In my last blog I mentioned that I had purchased a pattern for a crochet cupcake cushion from djonesgirlz (, It looks fantastic and I will post a photo shortly (My camera has lost battery power).

I also made another purchase this time from YellowViolet ( this beautifully made basket is so gorgeous I think I will have to get one for myself.
For one of my special family I purchased a patten from knotsewcute ( and have already made up a bath mitt and a spa cloth. I am really happy with the way these turned out and I cant wait to start the matching bath mat.

My little "man" is in love with his recliner. When we got the daybed for the lounge room my son made a plea to keep the recliner as a result it has now become his. To help complete his little area of the lounge room I have started making him a rug for the area using a pattern I purchased from RedBerryCrochet ( Its making up really fast and easy, as I have just started on this project I will post some pics next post.


Next post I will update everyone on how we are going with our handmade decorations. There are some really great ideas out there.


Stay tuned for our competition coming very soon.


I don't expect everyone will want to go fully handmade for Christmas but even if you try a small part it can make a huge difference to the handmade community.