Thursday, September 3

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

So it has taken me a while but I am finally getting around to updating everyone on Our Handmade Christmas Pledge. This has really taken on a life of its own in our little family, not only are our gifts going to be handmade but also our decorations.

For those of you out there that are wondering if we have set any rules to follow for our little challenge the answer is yes. They are,
  • Gifts will be purchased from either Etsy or like online market place, Local markets, and Oxfam or like stores or handmade by myself.
  • The only items that can be purchased from stores not listed above are supplies (except for the 25% exception for my son(see last post for details)).
  • All gift wrapping, cards and ribbons are to be either purchased from either Etsy or like online market place, Local markets, and Oxfam or like stores or to be handmade by myself.
  • And any other rules that I decide should be added along the way

Gifts so far.....
In my last blog I mentioned that I had purchased a pattern for a crochet cupcake cushion from djonesgirlz (, It looks fantastic and I will post a photo shortly (My camera has lost battery power).

I also made another purchase this time from YellowViolet ( this beautifully made basket is so gorgeous I think I will have to get one for myself.
For one of my special family I purchased a patten from knotsewcute ( and have already made up a bath mitt and a spa cloth. I am really happy with the way these turned out and I cant wait to start the matching bath mat.

My little "man" is in love with his recliner. When we got the daybed for the lounge room my son made a plea to keep the recliner as a result it has now become his. To help complete his little area of the lounge room I have started making him a rug for the area using a pattern I purchased from RedBerryCrochet ( Its making up really fast and easy, as I have just started on this project I will post some pics next post.


Next post I will update everyone on how we are going with our handmade decorations. There are some really great ideas out there.


Stay tuned for our competition coming very soon.


I don't expect everyone will want to go fully handmade for Christmas but even if you try a small part it can make a huge difference to the handmade community.

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