Saturday, August 21

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update - Jewellery on Madeit

This week I thought that I would bring you some pretties that I found on Madeit.
I love the simplicity of this cloud necklace

I love the shape of these earrings.

I have been lusting over these rings for a long time, think I will be adding them to my Christmas list

These earrings are just so pretty.
This pendant has a Japanese feel to me.

So has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet? and if you have are you going to buy handmade this year?

Sunday, August 15

Suitcase Rummage and Other things

Last Sunday Dion and I set off to King George Square to The Suitcase Rummage.

This was the view from our spot.

Here's Dion with all our goodies.

I have been working on a brooch idea for a little while now and I was able to get some made just in time for the suitcase rummage.
They are now in my madeit shop

Meet the new addition to our family

Sparky. My son picked out the name, I wanted to call it Juice as in orange juice.

Thursday, August 12

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update - Deer, Moose & Elk oh my

Deer, Moose and Elk are very popular lately, every time I see one I think of my brother who has been living in Canada for the last 4 years. Who as you can imagine I miss a lot.


This little guy is just adorable. I want one myself.


I love the linen used in these pouches.

How amazing would this look hanging up above a fireplace.

What a talking piece this would be. I love the idea of a ring made out of wood.


 My son has already requested one of these for Christmas. Might even get one for my brother.

I love this brooch, so simple but so beautiful.

So if my brother reads this, Shorty (Hes not short by the way, I'm just doing my duty as a older sister and teasing him) we miss you lots and we hope that we will get to see you soon.

Shop News

I have spent the day taking pics and should have the new listings up tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 10

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update - Bags on Madeit

Ok so once again we are a little over due but what the hell it was a really busy week and weekend.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love handbags. So this weeks post is all bags found on Madeit.

I love Paddington Bear with his duffel coat and hat, he's just so adorable.

As some of you might know I went back to TAFE recently and with all the textbooks and notebooks I have to carry I think that I'm going to have to get a bag that can fit it all. This one is great, I love the black with a touch of colour.


I have seen this bag in person and it is fantastic.

My Mum would love this bag, she loves the colour red.

Ok so technically it is not a bag but it is so cool and it does have a pic of a bag on it.

Dion and I did the Suitcase rummage on Sunday so I will have a post on that later in the week.

Shop News
I have a lots of new goodies sitting here ready to be list. With any luck I should have it all up on Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 3

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update - Quilts

I'm a little late this week but to celebrate buying my own quilt this post is all beautiful quilts.

I love the pinks in this quilts.

It's fantastic to see a non girlie quilt, I would love to get a quilt like this for my son.

I love the bold colours in this one.

I really want to try making a quilt and I love the look of Rag Quilts just like this one.

Wouldn't you just love to curl up in bed under this quilt.

This Quilt reminds me of the movie How to make an American Quilt (Which I just love)

Market News

Both Imagination In Flight and Dion's Buttons will be at the Suitcase Rummage on the 8th of August at King George Square from 12pm. So stop by and check it out.