Thursday, August 12

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update - Deer, Moose & Elk oh my

Deer, Moose and Elk are very popular lately, every time I see one I think of my brother who has been living in Canada for the last 4 years. Who as you can imagine I miss a lot.


This little guy is just adorable. I want one myself.


I love the linen used in these pouches.

How amazing would this look hanging up above a fireplace.

What a talking piece this would be. I love the idea of a ring made out of wood.


 My son has already requested one of these for Christmas. Might even get one for my brother.

I love this brooch, so simple but so beautiful.

So if my brother reads this, Shorty (Hes not short by the way, I'm just doing my duty as a older sister and teasing him) we miss you lots and we hope that we will get to see you soon.

Shop News

I have spent the day taking pics and should have the new listings up tomorrow.

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