Monday, December 13

Twelve Days of Christmas Around the World - Japan

Today is the first day of Twelve Days of Christmas Around the World. All the counties were picked by spinning the world on Google Earth and where ever I clicked was a country that I would feature. So day one is....

Christmas is not national holiday in Japan but is becoming more and more celebrated in the last couple of decades.

The traditional Japanese Christmas food is the Christmas Cake, usually made of sponge cake, strawberries and whipped cream.

These are Fried Wonton's apparently they are made at Christmas time in Japan.
I'm so going to try them out. they look and sound so yummy.

Furoshiki is the Japanese art of wrapping using cloth. 

I have wrapped presents this way before and it looked great. Also the Furoshiki used to wrap the present is like another present.

Here is a guide to wrapping with a Furoshiki. 
See a larger version here 
I have a friend that wraps all her presents like this with beautiful tea towels. 

Sunday, December 12

Twelve Days of Craft - Day Twelve

Today is the last day, of craft, tomorrow I'm starting The Twelve days of Christmas Around the World. Today's tutorial is Felt Christmas Ornaments from Zakka Life 

These ornaments are so beautiful and you could whip some up in an afternoon. 

I hope that you have all enjoyed all the great tutorials.

Twelve Days of Craft - Day Eleven

Day Eleven tutorial is Felt Gift Tags from The Purl Bee.

Wouldn't these look great on you Christmas presents. So cute and so easy to make.

Twelve Days of Craft - Day Ten

Ok I'm running late again, so so busy atm, so many orders. Day tens tutorial is Paper Christmas Wreath from The Red Thread. I think that even the kids could have a go at this one.

I'm going to pick up the supplies for this one so Dion can give it a go next week. 

Friday, December 10

Twelve Days of Craft - Day Nine

OK this is one for the kids. Water Bottle Holder Tutorial from Disney Family Fun. This would be great idea for kids to take on all those school holiday activities.

And it doesn't take any sewing. 

Wednesday, December 8

Twelve Days of Craft - Day Eight

Today's tutorial is from one of my twitter friends Dannielle with her tutorial How to Make a Softie Christmas Ornament

These ornaments are just so cute. 

BTW have you checked out Dannielle's ebook Living Within Your Means. I ordered it a while ago and it's fantastic.

Twelve Days of Craft - Day Seven

OK I'm a little late but here is Day Seven's Tutorial. This is a fantastic tutorial on Folding a Gift Bag from Wren.

And don't they just look great made from maps.

Monday, December 6

Twelve Days of Craft - Day Six

Today's tutorial is one for all the family to join in together on, Christmas Decoration Tutorial from The Red Thread. A great way to use up all your scraps if you are a sewer.

Another one that I just have to do. These will be just perfect on our tree.

Twelve Days of Craft - Day Five

This one is for all the doily lovers out there, Doily Tin Tutorial from Martha Stewart. Wouldn't these be lovely to be given as gifts filled with Christmas cookies.

These would also look great on notebooks.

Sunday, December 5

Twelve Days of Craft - Day Four

As most of you all know I love snowflakes, I love the symmetry and beauty of them. So today I bring you a Paper Snowflake Tutorial from Martha Stewart

Aren't these so pretty. My son and I are going to start making some of these when he has finished school for the year.

Saturday, December 4

Twelve Days of Craft - Day Three

Today's tutorial would make a great gift for you one of your loved ones that have a fury friend. This fantastic adorable Dog Leash Tutorial is from The Purl Bee.

If I can find the time I'm going to make one of these for a good friend of mine for Christmas. The Purl Bee tutorials are really well done, great close up pics and easy to understand.  

Friday, December 3

Twelve Days of Craft - Day Two

OK so today I thought that we could get into the holiday spirit with this next tutorial, a Gingerbread House Ornament I found over at Sew, Mama, Sew!

Isn't that just the cutest thing and I'm sure this is something that even some of the older kids can tackle.

I'm so going to be making some of these after my market on Sunday.

Wednesday, December 1

Some New Goodies

Over the last week I have finished some great new goodies, and they are now in both my Madeit and Etsy shops.

Doily Pattern Christmas Decorations Set of 3

Puppy Super Hero Finger Puppets 

Beaded Bow Headbands 

I will be working out cutoff date for Christmas Orders some time in the next day, so stay tuned for that.

Twelve Days of Craft - Day One

One the first day of craft your blog host brought to you a Snow Globe Soap tutorial. 

As soon I saw this tutorial from Alphamom for Snow Globe Soap I knew that I had to share it with you all, also it's a great activity for kids and parents to do together. Wouldn't these make a great present for your child's class mates. 

I will be having a crafty giveaway sometime during the twelve days of craft, so stay tuned.

Monday, November 22

More Headbandy Goodness

Have you checked out my new headbands. Each on is one of a kind. While I might have more of that yarn each doily is vintage recycled. So if you like one get in now before you miss out.  

Now in both my Madeit and Etsy shops 

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update - Some Goodies on Madeit

So today's post is all things i would love to get for Christmas. Over this last week I have also order this great card for my sons teacher.

I order this great Notebook for someone special, it's covered in vintage flocked wall paper.

And these great gift tags. 

Now some wonderful goodies from Madeit 

I fell in love with this print as soon as I saw only a small part of it. It's so beautiful. All of Alex's prints are so amazing.

This crochet necklace is amazing and so cool.

I love this tree, the tray underneath would be so great to place heavier things like bracelets. 

I love the idea of a stack ring and this set is just so beautiful. 

I love this print, I can remember by brother and I getting each other with tea towels. It would look so great in the Kitchen.

My son finally got around to updating his blog so stop by and see his great new goodies.

Sunday, November 21

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update - Slack Old Me & Calendars

Well havent I been slack. I did so well during Blogtoberfest then you must be thinking that I fell off the face of the earth, lol. I've been working on a big project that I will share with you all shortly. I have also been doing some Christmas shopping.

Along with the Film v Bullet Backpack in my Teen Boys post, I also picked up this great Vintage US Air Force Belt Buckle for my son.

This really cool pocket for my son to use as a pencil case at High School. It's made from bike tubes.

I was very tempted to buy one of these for myself, I ordered this great headband for someone special.
 From Colour Bazaar 

Everyone need a good calendar every year (I have 3 up in my house atm) so here a couple of my favs.

I love this Great Outdoors Letterpress Calendar, for some reason it reminds me of Canada.

Wouldn't this calendar be great beside the home phone. I love the retro style.

This printable calendar, would be perfect for when I'm doing my budget. It would give me something nice to look at while I'm doing such a dreaded thing, and it would be such a help.

This calendar would look like a work of art on your wall. It's on my wish list.

I'm over my slacking now and will be back to blogging everyday.