Sunday, November 21

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update - Slack Old Me & Calendars

Well havent I been slack. I did so well during Blogtoberfest then you must be thinking that I fell off the face of the earth, lol. I've been working on a big project that I will share with you all shortly. I have also been doing some Christmas shopping.

Along with the Film v Bullet Backpack in my Teen Boys post, I also picked up this great Vintage US Air Force Belt Buckle for my son.

This really cool pocket for my son to use as a pencil case at High School. It's made from bike tubes.

I was very tempted to buy one of these for myself, I ordered this great headband for someone special.
 From Colour Bazaar 

Everyone need a good calendar every year (I have 3 up in my house atm) so here a couple of my favs.

I love this Great Outdoors Letterpress Calendar, for some reason it reminds me of Canada.

Wouldn't this calendar be great beside the home phone. I love the retro style.

This printable calendar, would be perfect for when I'm doing my budget. It would give me something nice to look at while I'm doing such a dreaded thing, and it would be such a help.

This calendar would look like a work of art on your wall. It's on my wish list.

I'm over my slacking now and will be back to blogging everyday. 

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