Friday, February 26



Thanks for everyone that entered. There will be another giveaway in about a months time.

Wednesday, February 24

What I'm up to....

I just had to share with you all these lovely fabrics that have arrived in the last couple of days.
So far I cant bring myself to cut them because they are so beautiful but that is going to have to change. With any hope I will have some good sun tomorrow so I can take photos of some more headbands. I will also be working on a new product the end of this week, so all going well I will have it in the shop by the end of the weekend.

Wednesday, February 17


You could win one of my beautiful new Headbands.......

OK I'm going to make it simple this time.

All you have to do is be a follower of my blog and leave a comment. If you are not a follower, click on the button on the right to follow the blog and then leave a comment. 

I will be randomly drawing the winner on 26th February.

The winner will be able to pick 1 headband from either of my shops.


Friday, February 12

New Headbands

Well I'm getting there, finally. Today I listed four new headband on my Madeit shop and updated the photos on my last headband I had left in the shop.
With any hope I will have the rest listed by the end of the weekend and all of them up on my Etsy shop.

UPDATE - The purple large flower headband has already sold.

Thursday, February 11

Madeit Love

This week I thought that I would do something a little different. I asked fellow Madeit artists what was their favourite item on Madeit.

The favourite item from StudioS is this cute cow jug from ensparkle ceramics

StudioS sells beautiful handmade cards and I just love this thanks card

Kristy from AnK Bowtique just loves this Fancy SLR Camera Strap from allanaC
(makes me wish I owned a SLR its so gorgeous) 


AnK Bowtique have cutest girls hair assessories, I think this Annabelle Felt Clip is just adorable (Makes you just wish you had a daughter to wear it).

Jodie over at ApplecartCo loves these Pencil/Texta Wrap with Notebook from biancajwood that she has already bought a couple.

I just love deers, and this Little Deer Tee is from ApplecartCo

Christine from C Percy Designs (A fellow crochet superstar) loves this Retro Bonnet from ZeeBeeCreations

Its always wonderful to see another person making beautifully made crochetted creations. This Ella Beanie with ear faps and flower from CPercyDesigns is just one you can't pass up if you have a little girl.

Its wonderful to see all these wonderful creations from fellow Aussies.

I would love to be able to do this again so if you would like to be featured and you are a Madeit seller either email me or leave a comment with your favourite Madeit item.

Thursday, February 4

What I'm up to...............

OK so I will admit it, I really dont like op shops. Lots of my clothes as a child came from them but I haven't ventured into them since.
Today while out I mentioned to my Gran could she keep an eye out for any great looking fabric if she ever goes in an op shop. Well later on while I was in the post office she popped into the local ADRA shop and spotted something but Gran being Gran didn't know if it was right. I went back and had a look and its fantastic. And for only $3.00.

I will now not be walking past my local op shop. I hope I can come across more great finds like this.

Wednesday, February 3

Yippee they finally arrived........

As part of my shop makeover I wanted to have new business cards made. So almost 2 weeks ago I ordered them from Moo and today they arrived.

I am so happy with them, they were also design by Pauline from Skies.

Ok so here is my tip for other sellers out there.
I like to give 2 business cards out with every order (1 to keep and 1 to give away). When I first started I ordered  normal sized business cards. When ordering with Moo they work out at approximately (because of the changing exchange rate) 49c AUD each. So when I was handing out 2 with every order I was handing out almost a $1.00 AUD. 
This time I did some more research and and worked out that a Moo mini card is only approximately (because of the changing exchange rate) 22c AUD, so when I am handing out 2 with my orders I am only handing out 44c AUD. This works out much better and the customer is still getting all the important information and I think that because they are a little different from a normal business card they might just get more than a passing glance.

I hope that this information helps some of you out there.

What I'm up to..........

With my first sale this year, I realised that I am down to only 2 headbands. Oh no, dont know how that happened. So I am making some more with some new and wonderful designs.

I have also been trying to get myself back into drawing and painting. At the moment I have been working on this little guy, he still needs some colour but this will have to wait until the weekend when I can paint for the whole day. I really love working with inks so I cant wait.
When this little guy is finished he is going to look really cute on notebooks.

I'm going out on Thursday to gather more supplies, so I plan on having a very inspired weekend.


Shop News..............

My new pencil rolls and travel pencil rolls are now on both my Madeit and Etsy shops.

Coming very soon is Water Colour Pencil Rolls, made with an extra slot to hold a couple of paint brushes.