Wednesday, February 3

Yippee they finally arrived........

As part of my shop makeover I wanted to have new business cards made. So almost 2 weeks ago I ordered them from Moo and today they arrived.

I am so happy with them, they were also design by Pauline from Skies.

Ok so here is my tip for other sellers out there.
I like to give 2 business cards out with every order (1 to keep and 1 to give away). When I first started I ordered  normal sized business cards. When ordering with Moo they work out at approximately (because of the changing exchange rate) 49c AUD each. So when I was handing out 2 with every order I was handing out almost a $1.00 AUD. 
This time I did some more research and and worked out that a Moo mini card is only approximately (because of the changing exchange rate) 22c AUD, so when I am handing out 2 with my orders I am only handing out 44c AUD. This works out much better and the customer is still getting all the important information and I think that because they are a little different from a normal business card they might just get more than a passing glance.

I hope that this information helps some of you out there.


Cara said...

Your new cards look terrific!! Happy sales :o)

Narelle said...

They look fantastic, great advice too.

jane said...

What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I'm off to look at your shop!