Wednesday, February 3

What I'm up to..........

With my first sale this year, I realised that I am down to only 2 headbands. Oh no, dont know how that happened. So I am making some more with some new and wonderful designs.

I have also been trying to get myself back into drawing and painting. At the moment I have been working on this little guy, he still needs some colour but this will have to wait until the weekend when I can paint for the whole day. I really love working with inks so I cant wait.
When this little guy is finished he is going to look really cute on notebooks.

I'm going out on Thursday to gather more supplies, so I plan on having a very inspired weekend.


Shop News..............

My new pencil rolls and travel pencil rolls are now on both my Madeit and Etsy shops.

Coming very soon is Water Colour Pencil Rolls, made with an extra slot to hold a couple of paint brushes.

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