Friday, November 5

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update - Teen Boys

So the other night I was having a bit of a melt down over the fact that it  really hard to buy presents for a child that is going to be starting high school because it is quite normal that kids change after they start, it can be even harder if you are looking for handmade. You don't want to be buying something that only use for a short time. So after chatting Dannielle from With2ns on twitter I went on a big search and I think I have found a great bunch of goodies that my son's going to love.

As soon as I saw this beanie I knew that I had to get it, Dion is off to Japan in March to Snowboard, so this will be perfect.

What great artwork this would be for a boys room.

If I had a penny for the amount of times my son has said this to me, I wouldn't be very rich but I could buy myself something really nice. hahaha

What a great use of broken skateboards. 

Maybe this clock will help him get to school on time, lol. Who am I kidding, but it does look great.

Got to have a great bag to start high school with. 

Boys and cars what more do I have to says. 

So tomorrow I will share with you all how I work out my Christmas presents etc. 

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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous collection! My little guy isn't quite a teen yet (although at times I think he's 3 going on 13) but seriously, cool stuff-I'm pretty sure he'd kill for that Mustang on his wall!