Monday, December 13

Twelve Days of Christmas Around the World - Japan

Today is the first day of Twelve Days of Christmas Around the World. All the counties were picked by spinning the world on Google Earth and where ever I clicked was a country that I would feature. So day one is....

Christmas is not national holiday in Japan but is becoming more and more celebrated in the last couple of decades.

The traditional Japanese Christmas food is the Christmas Cake, usually made of sponge cake, strawberries and whipped cream.

These are Fried Wonton's apparently they are made at Christmas time in Japan.
I'm so going to try them out. they look and sound so yummy.

Furoshiki is the Japanese art of wrapping using cloth. 

I have wrapped presents this way before and it looked great. Also the Furoshiki used to wrap the present is like another present.

Here is a guide to wrapping with a Furoshiki. 
See a larger version here 
I have a friend that wraps all her presents like this with beautiful tea towels. 

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