Saturday, September 26

Handmade Chrismtas Pledge Weekly Update

So we are coming to the end of the first week of the Spring School Holidays. We have only got through about a quarter of the projects planned so its going to be a big final week.

While at the Chermside Shopping centre this week we stopped by the Oxfam Shop which is a fair trade shop. As soon as I walked into the door I spotted this beautiful Girl box from Vietnam. I was able to get it in my favourite colour purple, on the Oxfam website they have them in Orange and Blue (The great thing is that this fits in with my rules, so I will be saving it for Christmas).

My son has a white Dell mini 9, I was able to get 5 One Up Minis for only $6USD including postage. This is a great way to make his Laptop individual.

This way whether it is Monkeys, an Owl or Rhino Beetles or all three I think he will be very happy.

So last week I promised that I would finish a set of my Elf bags so that I could show everyone
and here they are.....

We are so happy with these, once I have finished another 12-14 my son is going to be making decorations to give to the family. I got this great pattern from CrochetSal


Blog News.......

I have now added a countdown to Christmas to the sidebar. I know that this can look like a lot of time but Look at it this way. If you are paid weekly it is only 12 pay days, and if you are paid fortnightly it is only 6. So its not that far away.

We are still running our giveaway, so follow the blog to win.

Shop News.......

I have been able to load up one of my new Pin Cushions up and I have another 3 still to come.

For those Aussies out there I have lots of my products now over at Madeit also, so stop by my shop

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