Saturday, October 3

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

Well it has been a an enjoyable second week of the school holidays. My son is spending a long weekend down on my mums property, so I was hoping to get lots of projects finished. So far I haven't finished a thing and I am late working on my weekly post but it wasn't all in vain. I spend the day with my Gran going to the movies. While I was out I was able to pick up a large stretched canvas, which I hope to share with you after the weekend.

This week I wanted to talk about the size/cost of gifts. I know for myself its great to know that a friend has thought about me enough to add me to their list of people to give presents too. Even if the present is only a box of chocolates that person took the time to think of you and spend hard earned cash.
Now family is a little different but I think of it this way, I set myself a budget of the amount I would like to spend on that person/couple but if I find a present that is perfect for that person/couple (ie necklace for an aunt who likes chunky jewelery) for less it does not mean that I need to find other presents to make up that budgeted amount. Really doesn't matter how much you spend on someone as long as you have really thought about what the person likes.

I have a really close friend who I share a love of Coke with (I think the word is obsessive). I came across this cute coke cow magnet and knew it was perfect as a Christmas present for her. I will also be getting one of their cute little dog magnets for her, including postage it will only cost $8.50USD.

In one of my earlier post I was able to show you all the Bath mitt and spa cloth that I made for a special person in our family, well to add to this special gift I got some beautiful soap, it smells divine and the fact that it arrived so quick was wonderful. Now all I have left for this present is to make a bath mat. 

Every year we have both a star and an angel on the top of our Christmas tree. While I love the star,  but the angel was just a cheap one we got at the $2 shop. Cute but not special. I spotted this adorable angel and fell in love. So this week I bit the bullet so to speak and purchased the pattern and even thought I haven't crocheted anything like this I am going to give it my best shot.

Over the next week I hopefully I can find the time to work on some more presents for you all to see.


Blog News.......

With all the talk of Christmas, my son and I have started thinking about what foods we want to have on the day. In the past we always went to family for Christmas day but last year we decided to spend the day at home and to only eat our favourite Christmas food. And I have to say it was so good that we are going to be doing the same thing again this year.
So you will find in the side bar a list of the foods we really want to have this year and under it you will find a comment box where you can tell us about your favourite Christmas foods. Some of your favourites might just make it onto our list to try out this year.

Our giveaway is still running so if you havent already done so, click on the follow button on the sidebar.

I hope to bring you at least one extra post this week, in a couple of days so stop back again then.


Last but not least I want to share a story with you.

Last Wednesday my son spend the night at my grandmothers, when he was dropped home my gran spotted 3 very adorable chicks sitting on a low branch in my font yard. After watching them for a while and taking a quite a few photos, we went inside and thought nothing more of them.
Just after dusk my son was taking the garbage down to the big and thought to check on the chicks and found that the mother and two of the chicks were gone. But they had left one of the chicks behind.  After calling my Gran, Uncle and Aunt we decided to put in a box with some shredded paper in the bottom and bring it inside.
After keeping it warm all night my son woke to find the mother and two chicks were back on the branch. So my son got the chick out and put it back on the branch. Much to our amazement the mother started feeding it and that night the it went with its mother and two other chicks.

(The chick in the middle is the chick that spent the night with us)

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