Sunday, October 11

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

Well it hasn't been a very productive week on the creative front. A combination of things, son coming home, meetings and two nights working on my budget kind of stuffed it. So apologise for the really short post this week.

I did get the chance to work on the list of presents, there was a lot of names with blank spaces beside them. Now we might not have all the presents for all the people but we sure have a good idea of what we are going to get them.

This week the Mini decals I purchased from One Up arrived.

These are going to be great for my son to put on his laptop. As an extra we received the decal of the cassette tape which will be great little extra present for a cousin of mine.

Hopefully I will have more Christmas news to share with you all next week.


Last weekend while I was out I got a canvas to stretch some beautiful fabric over that my Grandmother brought back from Japan for me. Its 90x90cm and I am really happy with the outcome. Now I just have to find the right hooks to hang it up in my bedroom.

I have a very small piece of this fabric left and I will be stretching it over small canvas for the shop.

 I have been working on this woven felt basket for a couple of weeks (on and off) now and yesterday I finally finished it. I'm actually thinking of making one for my Uncle and Aunt for Christmas.


Blog News ........

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Also don't forget to add you favourite Christmas food to the list.


billy boy & mia said...

wow, that felt basket is amazing!! :: australia said...

I agree, the felt basket is fab!!