Saturday, October 31

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

I know that this is where I normally would update you on our progress with our Handmade Christmas Pledge but this week the Big News has finally arrived. The only person that I would allow to take over my weekly update is my little shorty (My son Dion). 
Dion has started his own store selling items made with handmade covered buttons. To start off Dion will be selling his creations in his shop on Madeit called Dion's Buttons. Dion has also setup a blog, so stop by for the latest updates new products, sales, and giveaways. 

Dion has some great button pins, hair buttons and craft buttons for Christmas. Great for any Christmas outfit. I really love the striped hair buttons, only wish that I was able to wear them this Christmas but they wont work with my short hair.

Dion also has covered button magnets, button pins that would be great for Christmas presents or stocking stuffers. The custom word magnets are a fantastic idea, something I have not seen anywhere.

Coming soon to Dion's Buttons are covered button earrings. Please stop by his shop and show him some love.


Blog News..........

We will be back to the normal Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update next week. Thanks for putting up with my gushing this week.

Giveaway is still running. During the week I announced that the prize for the giveaway will be two of my Christmas Owls


Shop News................

The Christmas Owl is now loaded up to my Madeit Store and will be on the Etsy store this week.

I will be also listing some other decorations this week.

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