Sunday, November 8

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

Bit late this week with my post but I have a really good excuse, lol. My mum who lives down in northern New South Wales (Dunoon to be exact) came up yesterday for a flying visit. We stopped by, picked up my Gran and all four of us took a trip to Spotlight (I ended up spend way too much money, so nothing new there).

OK this week we are back to the normal weekly update.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a bunch of button pins, not long after a receive a beautiful little package containing two of the button pins. I really wish that I had taken a photo of the packaging. I am not into supporting elaborate packaging but this was so wonderful in it simplicity and care. And to top it off the button pins were even better than the pictures.

Here in Australia tree skirts are not very common. On my last trip to Kmart and I found one type but it was not very nice and too keep in the spirit of Handmade I have decided to make my own (Scary). After looking a couple of different sites and kits I worked out the basic design of what I would like. I have decided to make it out of felt as I think its a bit more forgiving.
Below is my design so far, I still need to draw on the presents under the trees and I have been think of snowflakes coming down from the centre towards the trees but I am still not completely sure on that.
Feel free to use any part of my design, I will have the completed design in next weeks post for you all to see.

Well this is it for this weeks post. Only 47 days left till Christmas and lots of work to be done.


Blog News..............

The current giveaway is finishing today so get in now and leave comment on your favourite Christmas Tradition to be in the running.

I will have a couple extra posts this week, so stay tuned for some great news.


Shop News..............

Last week I had wanted to load up some decorations that i had been working on but I had had a lot of problems finding the right ribbon for the decorations to hang from. Now that I have finally found it the decorations will be up very soon.


Personal News..............

I would like to say a big thank you to all the followers that showed my son such great support in starting his own shop. I has been wonderful so see.

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