Monday, November 9

The Toy Society

The other day I was reading a post on Lulufroufrou's blog about Chunky Chooky Toy Society drop. I had never heard of The Toy Society but after reading Lulufroufrou's post and then Chunky Chooky's post I had to find out what it was all about.

The Toy Society spreads the love throughout the streets of the world by us crafters. It started in Australia but now is worldwide. It's really is about giving something for nothing. About giving joy.
I loved the idea so much that I signed up right away and got sewing.

Here is my second toy I made but my first drop - now up on The Toy Society site

We decided to wait till we went out on Saturday and as we were driving through Sandgate I noticed that there was no kids playing in the park. Which is not very normal. We got my mum to quickly stop the car and then my son and I got out and made our way over to the park. At the same time there was a two kids with their grandparents approaching the park (but ended up going to a car beside the park). we quickly made our way in and sat on the bench, tied on the toy, took the photo and quickly fled again. It must have looked really weird but we did it.

Here is Dion sitting on the bench with the Toy.

We still have the first toy that I made to drop which we have tried to do since Saturday but we still need to work out where to do it.

The Toy Society is running a World Wide Christmas Drop on the last weekend before Christmas. We will be participating in this and have decided to set a goal of 50 toys. So far we have made one of those 50, and when I have finished typing this post I will be making toy two. My son loves this idea so much that he wants to help out, so I think I have found my very own toy stuffer, lol.

Stay tuned for updates.


ilovestitches said...

That's wonderful! Well done! x

The Toy Society said...

Fifty? For real? WOW!!! That's so amazing!! Hooray for little toy stuffers!