Thursday, October 15

New Blog Layout

Well early this morning I decided to change the layout of my blog. I had always wanted a 3 column but hadn't found a good one when I first setup my blog.
So here it is. Because by the time I got this done it was the early morning some of the functions of my blog are not up and running again but will be by the end of the day.
I hope you all like it.


ChallenCharms said...

I love 3 columns. I looked for a while till I could work mine out too :)

Anonymous said...

I love the blue & the bird on the branch looks great! Took me a while to find something too I wanted something original :)

bec said...

i love the new layout! 3 columns rock!
p.s you the apple in my giveaway! congrats!

ruby victoria printmaking said...

hi Jessica
thank you so much for including me to your blog, it's lovely to be found.
Your blog looks great
Thanks again

Sissy Sparrows said...

Looks great! love the colours.