Saturday, October 24

Weekly Handmade Christmas Pledge Update

Its been a big week but first I want to give big shout out and thank you to Emma from Belafonte, in last weeks post I featured her "Girl with Bow" and to thank me Emma is going to give me the print. I love this print and I am totally blown away by her generosity. Stop by Belafonte on Madeit or Etsy store and see Emma's beautiful work.

I have made so many purchases this week that I had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of everything.
Earlier in the year I bought a beautiful little ACEO Mermaid print and ever since it has lived on my desk. Every so often I would go back to TheBrilliantMagpie and look over the beautiful prints. This week I added to my print and purchased another 3 prints from Amy for a Christmas present for myself.

                Sea Dreams                                                      Irina

I also purchased a print of a girl flying called Far From Shore which will be going into my bedroom when I have finished making it over.

Last week I shared with you all the wonderful work of RubyVictoria, I loved her gift tags so much that I ended up buying two packs (But don't worry there are still some available). I also found these funny and cute tags to add to our collection.

I was also able to gather another gift for my son. My sons collection of belts is growing as much as his collection of hats at the moments. This belt will add a bit of fun to what ever he is wearing.

Well this is it for this week, We have a trip planned to spotlight tomorrow and I need to work out my list of supplies that need/want (hehehehehe).


Shop News............

Hopefully by midweek I will have my Christmas Decorations finished and loaded up to the stop. So stay tuned.



I will be announcing our latest giveaway this week so look out for it.



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Chrisy said...

What! You've had to make a spreadsheet of your purchases this week...good grief girl!
ps that art work is lovely and tempting...