Saturday, September 12

Handmade Christmas Pledge Weekly Update

So last week my camera died before I was able to take a photo of the Crocheted Cupcake that I made as one of the presents for our handmade Christmas. So here it is,

So this week I wanted to share my progress on making our handmade Decorations.
I found a really easy pattern for Snowflakes somewhere on the net. It's a really great place to find patterns that are free to use for personal use. The easiest way to find these patterns is to use google, eg "Free Christmas Crochet Patterns". I am going to be making strings of snowflakes to hang around the top of my living room.

These wonderful Crochet Light Bulbs will also be strung up around the top of my living room.  I got this great pattern from jeanherman and only for $3.00USD.

My son in the past made Decorations for the family as his Christmas Present to the family, well this year he will be reviving this tradition and to help him out I found a great pattern from CrochetSal for Elf bags, after I have finished making these up my son is going to use them to put his handmade decorations in. Photos will be loaded up next weekly update when I have completed a full set.
As I have mentioned before we will also be using handmade gift wrapping. When I spotted the pattern for Reindeer Gift Bags from carriesclutter. With all the presents, decorations and products for the shop I have been making I have not had time to start making this one up but I really look forward to it as I haven't tried felting before.

So I have found a number of patterns on Etsy using the search "Patterns, Crochet, Christmas", as seen below in a screen capture there are some great ideas out there. Even if what you like to do is not crochet there is patterns out there for all types of craft and for only a small cost.  

For my followers I wanted to share a online craft shop that I love, Clever Patch . They have a great range of craft items and also a large collection of Christmas Craft Activities. So even if you dont need to order anything, stop by and look through the activities. I cant wait to make my order soon.


Next post I will update everyone on the progress we have made so far, and the new and exciting projects we have found.


Little bit of news on the shop,

We have a new product line that will be loaded up to the shop over the weekend. Something for the kids this time, so stay tuned for the pics.

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