Tuesday, October 19

49. Join a Book Club - Blogtoberfest Day 19

So I was looking at my list on 101 the other night and thought that I pick out one to work on. Well I picked number 49. Join a Book Club.

I thought this was a good idea when I put it on the list but really, when would I single mum, student, very small business owner, non-driver going to have the time or be able to get to a book club. I love books I always have, there have been nights when I have seen the sun come up from staying up all night reading a fantastic book. So this is something that I really would love to do, so I jumped on google.  What did I find? The First Tuesday Book Club that airs in the ABC on the first Tuesday of every month. You can sign up to join the club, where you will find out what books are coming up, if there will be special guests, and join in in discussions. Is't this perfect? I get to have my book club and I can fit it into my crazy schedule.

They feature two books per month, so I have decided that I will pick one every month to read and hopefully have time to join in some discussions. I'm really looking forward to it.



Fat Chick Design said...

That was too easily solved! pick another one from the list!
Go for number 73!

Jessica said...

When this weather finally warms up thats the first thing I'm going to do. :)