Monday, October 18

Are you a planner....... - Blogtoberfest Day 18

Are you a planner? I am sometimes but at others I don't even get around to planning I just jump straight in. But it's never as good when I don't plan. When I signed up for Blogtoberfest I was more than a little worried that I wouldn't find something to blog about for each of the 31 days. I mean it's 31 days, 31 posts, I had only done 80 post on my blog up until that point. Kellie over at 74 Lime Lane had a wonderful Blogtoberfest calender freebie and at first I thought that I would probably only end up using it for a couple of days possibly a week but now I'm 18 days in and it has been so helpful. I don't have to stress every day, it's already planned. It's been so helpful that I'm going to do this every month. There are a number of people that offer free downloadable calendars every month including 74 Lime Lane, if you are looking for one.

This got me thinking about the crazy season that is coming upon us. Last year we fumbled our way through with some success and somethings just went down the drain, Including blog posts towards the end (oops). Today while reading lots of different blogs about blogging I some how stumbled across Handmade Success and a Holiday Planner that Jordan from Handmade Success offers for free. It's a great planner for this crazy Holiday season that is coming for anyone who runs an online handmade business. If this planner is anything to go by Jordan's Etsy Kit's should be great.  

So I hope that this Holidays season is a bit more organized than last year, as well as the blog going forward.

Have you found anything that has really helped you?

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Fat Chick Design said...

I have found blogtoberfest so much more of a challenge than I anticipated!
I am, because of the kids generally very organized and my day is very structured.
I have a large diary open at the right day/week all the time!
I have to or I forget!
So, I agree diaries are wonderful for these sort of things!
I always carry a notebook too, for passing ideas.
I have learnt so much about my blogger account this month and I have seen lots of great tips (like yours) from other bloggers taking part.
I think next year I will plan ahead!