Sunday, October 3

Handmade Christmas Pledge Update - Boys Things on Madeit - Blogtoberfest day 3

As I sit here tonight I'm very much ticked off. Why you may ask, well today is last day of the school holidays. Which means that Dion has to return to school tomorrow and I have to return to TAFE. Ok I know that this sounds a little abnormal but I'm not one of those mums that would pay the school to come back a week early.  Dion jokingly asked today if we could just tell the school he died so we didn't have to go back, its not that he doesn't like school its just he loves hanging out at home. I just keep telling him the term is only 10 weeks long then we can have 6 whole weeks hanging out together at home.

So this blog post is all things for boys.

I could just see Dion playing with one of these when he was younger, building Lego cars for Superman.

What a great way for your child to make up their own superhero

Add one of these to the cape and you have the perfect superhero outfit

Wouldn't this look great on any boys bed. I just love any gift that can be personalized

Dion still loves pirates even at 12, They are just so cool.

I know as a mother to a boy that it can be hard buying handmade gifts for them, its just so easy to make pretty things for girls that sometime they can get left behind by shops. Its wonderful to see these great shops making wonderful things for the little men in our lives. Coming up to Christmas I will be having a couple great new goodies in my shop that are designed just for boy so stay tuned.


Karin said...

I'm right there with you on the lack of handmade gifts for boys! I'm trying to rectify this exact issue for our craft stall and am working on some felt helmets. Just about every boy needs a felt helmet. :-)

Love the little wooden super heros. Hee hee!

humel said...

Love your round-up of boyish goodies - my daughter would love these too (but then, she is a tomboy!)

I'm a teacher so the whole end-of-holidays-going-back-to-school thing has an added dimension for me anyway.... Good luck with it xx

Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

Thanks for sharing these, all so cool. I have 3 boys and love coming across cool stuff like this for them!

Twinklekids said...

Thanks so much for featuring my little wooden superheros. They are loving all the attention!
Felt helmets... sounds great!

Annette said...

Fantastic ideas for boys!!

Becky said...

Love the peg dolls. They are pretty awesome for boys :)

trash said...

I'm with you on both the 'it is tough finding good stuff for boys' and the things.