Tuesday, October 12

Eenie Meenie - Blogtoberfest Day 12

I want to make a beautiful afghan for someone special for Christmas but I just can decide which one.

My first choice was pic 1 but then I love the different size squares in pic 2, I also love the fact that the afghan in pic 3 is a circle. Oh decisions decisions.


It might be better to ask the person I want to make it for but I really want to make it a surprise. I had better make up my mind soon if I want to have it finished in time for Christmas.

Which one would you choose?


Fat Chick Design said...

Oh I love the first one!
Its very vintage french looking.

Gillian said...

Oh I love the first, so elegant!
They are all Gorgeous, I've made a circle granny and it was really quick and fun to make, I also really like the middle one, it looks so warm and cosy.....
so I'm no help to you at all really, have fun choosing I think choosing and planning are just as much fun as crocheting the project :)

Kathy said...

I love the first one and plan on making it at some stage myself (when I have a suitable piece of furniture to drap it over lol). The middle one often doesn't end up looking very good, so if you make it, be careful with your colour choice and block it properly. The circle one is very cute and chic in a rustic sort of way, and would be the easiest to make. Which one do you think would suit your friend the most?

robyn lee said...

Definately the first - it is something different...lots of work!Lucky recipient.

Moags and Smeet said...

Another vote for number one. :)

alovelylittleworld said...

They are so gorgeous. My favourite one if it was for me is the second one, but I think the first one is the prettiest overall.