Monday, October 4

Back to TAFE - Blogtoberfest Day 4

Changed my mind 1000 times but in the end I bit the bullet and went to TAFE. And I only arrived 10 minutes late (that's doing really well for me).

Big thanks to my teacher today Deb who took it easy on us and even let us out at 12. So today I'm sharing with you a pic of me waiting at the bus stop waiting to come home after class. 


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Fat Chick Design said...

Hello missy,
I keep seeing your face in the followers of other blogs, and mine, I guess we have similar taste in reading!
I am hoping to feature as many other blogtoberfest bloggers as I can on my blog throughout the month and I wondered if I could introduce your blog?
I would just add a wee bit about your blog, and some pictures from your blog and link back, to, you guessed it, your blog!
Let me know what you think!
Many thanks