Wednesday, December 16

On the second day of Christmas.......

Felt Garlands

My son Dion has been a busy little elf the last week making beautiful felt garlands for our living room.

(Please ignore the badly hung pictures, on the list of thing to fix in the house, lol)

These are really easy to make and really help make the room look festive. Simply cut out approx half a metre of both red and green felt of circles, we used a template cut out of foam core board (but I have now found out that you can get a very large punch that will cut these out) that is about 6cm across. Once you have cut out the circles you can start sewing them together. Start sewing the first circle when you are coming close to the end, line up the second circle but make sure that you let the sewing machine run a couple of stitches before it starts sewing the second circle. Then repeat till the end of your circles. You can sew on ribbons to the end so that you can tie them up but we did not do this due to the way that we were going to hang them.

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ChallenCharms said...

Great idea! Wish I could use a sewing machine.