Thursday, December 17

On the third day of Christmas.......

Little Tinsel Christmas Trees

A couple of years ago we made these decorations for Christmas. These cute little trees are really easy to make and take no time at all.

You will need the following to make 1 tree.............

One and half green tinsel pipe cleaners
One red pipe cleaner
Approximately 12 different sizes beads with large holes

  1. With a green pipe cleaner make a triangle that is larger on two sides. To join the ends twist the ends around each other, then wind them down the sides of the triangle. The great thing about pipe cleaners is that you dont have to worry about being really neat and they still turn out great.

  2. Cut the green half a pipe cleaner in half. Bend it into a U shape and attach it to the bottom of the triangle the same way that you joined the triangle together. With the second piece attach it to the top of the triangle then bend it to make a hook.

  3. With the red pipe cleaner, attach it to the inside of a bottom corner. Slide on approximately 5 beads, bend a section of the pipe cleaner into a wavy line. Then attach the pipe cleaner to the other side of the triangle approximately 1/3 of the way up by winding the pipe cleaner around the triangle. Make sure to space out the beads.

  4. Slide approximately 4 more beads onto the end of the red pipe cleaner and repeat the same process as the last step but this time attach the red pipe cleaner approximately half way up the other side of the triangle.

  5. Side approximately 2-3 more beads onto the end of the red pipe cleaner and repeat the precess again this time attach the pipe cleaner to the approximately 1/3 of the way down from of the top of the other side of the triangle.

And you are finished...................

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