Wednesday, September 22

A Change of Face

I have had this chest of draws knocking around my home for the last at least 8 years but I have never been happy with them. They started off being plain wood which I dont like so I decided to paint them but the colour was just not right either. So for over a year or more they have been moved from room to room until we could find the time to once again make them over. So with this being the holidays for getting things finished and fixed up we picked up the supplies.

Here is the little man sanding away.

I think that this time we might have got it right.

We are going to be painting it in a colour called Preschool Half. Which gave us both a chuckle considering what I'm studying at the moment. We are also going to change the draw pulls to these beautiful brushed silver mushroom ones.

I will post pics once the chest of draws has been painted.

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