Friday, September 17

What I'm up to......

What a crazy couple of weeks its been for us. With the end of term at TAFE I was like a mad woman trying to catch up on all the assignments that I had missed during to the term due to being sick a couple of times during the term. I managed to get them all finished which was a miracle in it self as I got sick again and was running a temp for the last week. but that is all over now, time for relaxing and creating.
Yesterday after my last class of the term we headed of to Lincraft to pick up supplies for the holidays. Over the last month I have been gathering together a nice stash of chenille for a rag quilt. So yesterday I picked up some cute flannel fabric for the back and some bamboo batting. With any luck by the end of the holidays I will have a beautiful single bed size rag quilt.

I have slowly been cutting out the chenille in between assignments, I found it really relaxing.

So stay tuned for updates as the quilt starts to grow.


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