Sunday, September 26

Growing Up

My Boy is growing up, very soon (4 months) he will be starting high school, he is also getting a lot taller lately. Back when Dion was 4 in our itty bitty house in his itty bitty room there was just no room to store all of his toys, his bed and have room to play. So what to do, well I decided to buy him a loft bed. The same as the one below but in silver.
(Pic from here)
So whats the problem, well my big boy can no longer sit comfortably in his bed because his head hits the ceiling. I've been aware of this problem for a while now but the kid just didn't like any idea that I had some up with until now. For a while now I have been on the hunt for a new bed for me and I've finally found the one that I'm going to get but that's another story. But that does leave my current bed free. After mulling it over I thought that it could work for Dion and finally it was an idea that he agreed with.

Paint pic from here, Bed pic from here and Sheet pic from here
(NOTE: This is not my bed but the closest to mine without me having to take a pic)

 The bed above it almost an identical match to mine, to make it more Dion's style he wants to paint it Naval Gray and get new T-Shirt sheets (they are the most amazingly comfortable sheets in the world) in gray tones.

With a change in bed its a good time to update his whole room just in time for high school.

Pics from here, here, here, here, here and here

 With getting rid of the loft bed means that we will have to get rid of the cupboards underneath so we are going to get a couple of the storage tubs for under the bed in pic 1. Also Dion has never had a bedside table with the loft bed so to cover that need and a place for him to store his clothes we have picked out the chest of draws in pic 5. With all those big blank walls we now needed to find something to fit the big back wall, Dion has a couple of thing he's passionate about one of them being New Zealand, so off I trawled to find some great NZ wall art, thanks to one of my twitter friends we found this fantastic huge silver fern in pic 2. So with all of this and new lamp (pic 3), new chair (pic 6) and a lovely shaggy rug (pic 4) its going to look so great that I think I might just move in, hahahaha.  

With any luck in next couple of months we will be able to pull this all together and I will be able to give you all a peek. 

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humel said...

I was really interested to read this because my son moves up to high school next year and we always planned to redecorate and refurnish his room at that point. We're still thinking through the options! We'll do the same for my daughter in a couple of years' time, and she has an itty bitty room - we went for the high-rise bed idea too, but I'm not sure it's the best use of space.... Anyway, yes, I was interested in your thought process and your choices, as it's so relevant to where we are at the moment too!