Friday, June 25

Fun Friday Nights

Its been a long absence but I am back to my blog and I thought that I would share with you all what we will be doing tonight.

We love playing cards. I think it all started with me playing rummy with my Gran growing up.
We have heaps of decks of cards but here are our favourites. Jumbo cards, Normal size with our faces on them and Mini cards (they are always great when we are traveling).

The older my son gets the different games that we play have grown.
We now also play Phase 10, Uno and Skip Bo.

The older that my son has got the better he has got at all card games which is great because now it is a real challenge for me to win.

When we play cards we normally watch a movie and have a bowl of wrapped lollies.
Wrapped lollies are the best because they take longer to eat and time to unwrap so you dont end up eating too many.

So the last thing that make up our Friday nights is my iPhone and my sons iPod touch.
So to add to our old school games we also like play games on our iPhone and iPod. Most Fridays we pick our a new game from the app store and both have go to see how well we can go.

I think that they had it right back in the day with puzzles, card and board games. These days there are a lot of kids that spend a lot of time holed up in their rooms by themselves. Not wanting to end up this way with my son I introduced him to the love of these things early and now it has been a big part of having fun for my son and I.

So this Friday night I hope that you and your family spend some time together.

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Narelle said...

Love it!
Uno would have to be my all time favourite.
Have a fabulous card's night.