Tuesday, January 26

And We are BACK!!!!!

Imagination In Flight is back and ready for a new year.

To get back in the swing of things I thought that I would share some photos from the holidays with you all.

We had a fantastic Christmas full of wonderful handmade presents, delicious food, and lots of fun.

Our Christmas Tree before the carnage that happened Christmas morning. At least this year there was no wrapping paper to clean up.

On New Years day my son went away for 11 days to see his Father and spend time with my Mum. During that time I had a little visitor at my window a couple of nights in a row. Which is amazing considering the window is two stories high. On the first couple of nights I dived for the camera but I was to late but then on the last night I was able to capture a photo of my little visitor.

So cute. Really wish I had been able to catch a photo of my visitor when it was like a big splat across my window so I have to settle for this.

While my son was away I was able to start making some great changes to the business and also to my working space (Thanks Ikea), I will be bring you more on the changes in a post coming very soon.

After my son came back we only had a few short days to do a little shopping, go to the movies and pack for our holiday to Bribie Island. Fantastic place to go for all of you that live near Brisbane. Even though the weather was really hot the breeze coming of the water was great. We did really well out and about in the sun until the 4th day when we got burnt, but we didn't let it spoil our fun. The view from our cabin was beautiful, I think that every time that we go there it gets better.

I took this stunning photo on our last night on Bribie.

So back to reality, my son is starting a new school on Wednesday so today has been a day of books, stationary, uniforms, and my son letting his nerves get the better of him. Dion has never changed schools before so its going to be a big change.

I have one last photo that I want to share with you all, just to make you laugh........

My son was not very happy with me waking him up, it was past 10am so I dont see what his problems was.


Shop News..........
I have listed a bunch of new Pencil Rolls on my Madeit shop. We now also have travel size Pencil Rolls to help keep your kids occupied while out and about.


Sissy Sparrows said...

Hi Jessica...lovely pics, Bribie is lovely....so peaceful and relaxing!

Kreativlink said...

Heheh... love that last pic :)