Monday, February 28

35. Get an IQ2

Those that know me know that I love a gadget. I have wanted an IQ2 (IQHD) ever since I got cable tv. After getting ticked off one to many times that I couldn't record two things at once and watch another thing I bit the bullet. And now woo hoo we have IQ2.  

So happy with it. It wasn't till the other night when I didn't like the look of anything that was on so I had a look at the movie catalogue and picked something out that I realized how good it really is.


sarah - dodeline design said...

I have never heard of an IQ2! I can't believe that either - my boyfriend is a gadget junkie. Will have to ask him when he gets home lol :-)

Jessica said...

From what I can gather it's like a tivo. We get our pay tv via it and can also record.