Thursday, February 17

Tutorial Time........

The other night I was check out a bunch of blogs when I came across Dude Craft and Paul's amazing Papercut Portrait tutorial. OMG what an amazing idea. There are times when you see something and you just have to try it.

So two days later I finally tracked down card that I was happy with and I turned this favourite pic of my son and I,

Into this..... 

I cant believe how well it turned out. 

Check out the tutorial here to make your own. 

DudeCraft - Paper Cut Portrait Tutorial from Paul Overton on Vimeo.

I did a couple of things different from the tutorial. I used picnik to change my pic to posterize. I wanted my finished artwork to big really big, so I printed my pic over 9pages (3wide by 3 high, on landscape but it might be different depending on the pic as I had already cropped the pic) and taped the pages together. When I posterized my pic on picnik I chose to used 4 colours/shades. 

I really thought that this was going to be really hard but it was much easier than I thought. I cant wait to have it framed and on my wall. 

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Dannielle said...

oh wow! that looks totally fantastic! Great job Jess! :)