Saturday, February 26

Visual Arts - Blind Contour Drawing

Last week I had my first day on my new course. This year I'm studying Cert 3 in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft. But it's hard to call it studying, today I did nothing but paint from the moment I walked into class till the very end of the day.

I thought that I would share with you all one of the very first things that we learnt in class and something we start with any day that we are drawing.

Blind Contour Drawing 

Blind contour drawing is drawing the outlines of an object without looking at the page and without taking your pencil off the page. It really helps to train your hand/eye coordination, by doing this you can train you eye so you can draw what's in front of you.
It really doesn't matter what you are drawing or that what it ends up looking like what you have been drawing. My teacher gets us to draw the same thing over and over again on the same piece of paper. These drawings can then be used to create other pieces of artwork.

Next week I can hopefully remember to take some pics of the artwork that I have been working on from my blind contour drawings.

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Dannielle said...

Thanks for sharing with us Jess! I'm really looking forward to seeing your painting. It's great to hear that you are enjoying it!